Fashion Review: Urban Outfitters

29 Apr

One of my favourite high-street shops ever. No! Sorry, it’s more than just a shop, it’s an experience. The whole atmosphere is effortlessly cool and oozes unconventional style. From 1940’s vintage over-sized coats to ironically humourous gifts, every item has its own story and meaning. You can look around the shop for hours, it’s full of little gems you can’t and won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a cool place to shop, Urban Outfitters is the only place to go. Renowned as one of the best for the latest in cutting-edge fashion to suit anyone’s taste or budget, this place will lock you in for hours and have you walking out with an empty purse. But no matter what – when you get home everyone will be green with envy as they stare at your smug little face while you show off your new purchases. You’ll feel like the bohemian, retro-style vogue chick you really are/ are desperately trying to be.

Urban Outfitters take the best part of contemporary fashion and kick it up the arse with their own individual style. Topshop, New Look and such like, are good, but Urban Outfitters always gives you that little extra edge and makes parting way with your dollar that little easier. It offers a range of different items from graphic tees to party dresses to cameras and novelty gifts. Their assortment of styles and variety of items are well matched with most department stores but each and every item wouldn’t be out-of-place from a fashion boutique or stall at Vogue festival. When I enter the shop, I literally want (and feel like I NEED) everything – “how did I survive without all of this in my life thus far?’, yet I visit the website most weeks and never purchase a single sausage*. I would definitely recommend going to the shop rather than looking on the internet. When web-searching you have to know exactly what you’re after, the beauty of Urban Outfitters is that you may go in there in need of nothing yet you come out armed with a book all about excrement, a melting clock, and a mug with a biscuit pocket** – their merchandise is one of the best parts of the store.

Some items can be over-priced especially now as there are more and more luxury brands and several designer collaborations, but get your self, your whole self, immersed in the sales rack – they always have some great deals on gorgeous items which you simply have to surrender to such bargain buys.

Often in the press for their controversial decisions, such as the ‘eat-less’ tee that was criticised for being pro-anorexia, and the sparkly handgun-shaped Christmas ornaments considered to be distasteful. However, their controversy is what makes this unique brand so successful. You may not like the ‘wanker’ card, but you don’t have to buy it, they’re just offering out items you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else.

A lot of my prized possessions come from Urban Outfitters, here’s a selection of my faves:

P.S I have not been endorsed to say any of this. All of my opinions are my own, you can trust them, I’m not getting paid to speak this waffle high quality content* to you, unfortunately!

* I don’t think they sell sausages, yet

** All currently available to buy, honestly



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