Beauty Review: Anti-ageing creams

16 May

22 soon to be 72

Now, you may think it absurd, a youthful, fresh-faced, 22-year-old is blogging about anti-ageing creams. Absurd it is not.

The term ‘anti-ageing’ doesn’t mean when you’re 72 you slap some potion on and you’ll miraculously look 22, it means when you’re 22 you slap it on in the hope that when you’re 72 you look 22*. It’s a precautionary process not a turning-back-time-process. The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is relevant here more than ever.

So, anti-ageing creams should be used when young rather than when old. Right? Right.

Now, the confession. I don’t use anti-aging products. And here is for why…

In short, they don’t work. “The sad truth is that creams that claim to be anti-aging are not much more effective than standard moisturising lotions.”

Don’t think that the use of  ‘scientific-type’ words mean that there is evidence to prove things work, most anti-ageing creams are promoted by the ‘science’ which has created it, it’s just a ploy, most of the words aren’t even real words.

Buying these expensive, good-for-nothing lotions, potions, and even pills, aren’t going to make you look young, nor is it going to prevent you from looking old when you are old. The only thing these bottles of made-up sciencey sh*t are good for is feeding into the bank accounts of the CEO’s. You know them headlines “10 anti-aging creams that REALLY work”? – lies, all lies, trust me. The anti-ageing industry is absolutely colossal, yet 60 year olds everywhere are still looking  60. The only real way of looking younger, I think, is plastic surgery but that still makes a woman of 60 who hopes to look 30, look about 55, and you tend to regard her as an object of pity rather than an object of desire. Jordan/Katie price, 34. She’s managed to have so much anti-ageing surgery that she has somehow managed to make herself look 55, bloated, and essentially, the very opposite of desirable. Not the best look.

Once women start seeing wrinkles and crow’s feet, the desperation to look like they were born yesterday often makes them act like it, too. I don’t understand why wrinkles are deemed the enemy. However, it’s not for me to start a mass protest in order to change social thought, so I’ll just go for the easy life and roll with it.

Therefore, rather than reaching for the magical potions which do not perform any form of magic what-so-ever, go for these options instead:

1a. Sun block/sun cream/sun lotion/sun screen (whatever you want to call it). It’ll protect against both UVA and UVB rays (the skin-ageing ones). The simplest, best way to keep your skin healthy. Sun cream is your best friend. Yes, you may not be in the running for the most tanned, wotsit-hue skin, and you may get laughed at as you compare arm colour. But really, who f*cking cares? Your friends may sit there gleaming with their seemingly ‘glowing’ skin, poking fun at your milk bottle legs, but you can laugh right in their wrinkly orange faces when you’re 50 and you look a heck of a lot better. Wear sun cream, look better, have a life, and then fake it up with instant or developing stuff**. You literally win on every level. You’ll look good at 22 using fake shizz, and you’ll look good at 72 because of said decision. Suckers. Ninety-five percent of wrinkles are due to sun exposure so, sun cream really is the only anti-aging cream that works, go for that every time.

1b. On the same theme, wear sun glasses, your eyes will thank you for it, crow’s feet will not land anywhere near your eyes when your shades are near.

2a. Moisturise daily. It’s all about hydration. Applying an effective moisturiser is a critical step in keeping skin smooth and hydrated to help reduce wrinkling skin. Available as creams, lotions, gels and oils, they offer an important barrier that helps skin retain water offering a whole host of benefits for your dewy skin. From dry to oily – everyone should be moisturising everyday and there are products out there to suit everyone, no matter what your skin type is.

2b. Similarly, eye cream/serum is essential– the delicate area round the eye needs particular attention, devotion and care. Because the skin around the eye is so thin, it needs a specific, intense moisturiser. Eye creams or serums de-puff tired eyes, banish dark circles, and as eyes are one of the first victims of ageing, it’ll help prevent you looking older than your years. Eye care is crucial.

3a. Eat well – lots of fruit, vegetables, anti-oxidants, and no fatty foods.

3b. Drink well – water (remember – hydration, hydration, hydration) and no alcohol.

3c. Give up cigs – It drains all of your skin of its nutrients and sucks the life out of your face so, please, no smoking.

3d. Sleep lots, relax and, don’t stress – you know all them lifestyle pointers I said about helping rid of acne? Yeh, they all apply here too.

4. And if all that is way too hard, then just pray you’ve got good genes – it’s all about picking your parents wisely.

* the key word here being ‘hope’

** there are some amazing ones out there. Look out for my beauty review of the best fake tans around. I’ll also be reviewing the best sun creams, moisturisers and eye creams too, busy ol’ girl



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