Fashion Review: Tesco

21 May

Every Little Helps.


It may seem somewhat inappropriate and ludicrous to even mention a supermarket which sells food when writing a blog all about fashion, you know ‘cause everyone in fashion survives on Diet Coke, celery and cocaine*. However, it’s okay because we’re steering clear from the horse infused burgers and heading straight to the clothing aisle.

F&F, formerly known as Florence and Fred, the clothing line by Tesco has recently hired Victoria’s Secret model Amy Hixson, and Tom Ford model Jon K to front their Spring/Summer ’13 collection.

It comes as F&F are promoting their restyled brand marking a new era for the label with its ‘most dynamic and stylish line yet’, competing not just with other supermarket clothing lines, but with the big dogs of the fashion world.

With head-to-toe looks from day to evening wear, the range aims to change perceptions of budget fashions with a real focus on quality, fabrics and real fashion kudos at affordable price-points. They offer affordable yet gorgeous clothes supplying you with 5* looks for your summer holiday. Influenced by the latest catwalk trends with a high-street price tag, access to luxury clothing has never been so easy. ‘The driving factor when designing the collections has been to not compromise on quality for budget,’ said a spokesperson. Yes, Tesco may be a long way off headlining London Fashion Week and being the prominent star of the red carpet but their marketing campaigns along with the actual fashion items themselves are making people stop and take notice of the domineering supermarket as a serious fashion contender.

F&F is a £1 billion a year business. To put that into perspective, Tesco’s total UK turnover last year was £48 billion. But while food sales are slowing, clothes are increasing – 9 per cent last year, and we can see why.

Ombre chiffon cover up £10 plus bikini top £8 and bottoms £5   Floral jersey maxi dress £20

Shirt and Shorts £12 each  Music saved my life T Shirt

Tesco also held a star-studded fashion show for their Autumn/Winter ’13 collection last week. Taking place in the courtyard of the very grand, very neoclassical Somerset House, overlooking the Thames, on the same hallowed ground where London Fashion Week’s shows are based. They clearly mean business.With their stylish, sophisticated and cutting-edge looks, they are slowly transforming themselves from a bargain brand to high fashion.

F&F say of their collection: ‘The season that lies ahead symbolises bravery and a carefree attitude. We see the F&F woman come full circle from ladylike chic to rebel with a cause; a smart, independent, modern woman with a desire to challenge the ordinary and tear up the rule book.’ Yes Tesco, you’ve hit the nail right on the head! Fashion for women is all about empowerment, confidence and diversity. Amen to that.

I have previously bought many items from Tesco. My £7 shoes are constantly shocking people when they find out their birthright,  “Wow, I thought they were Prada or something”. I maybe wouldn’t go that far, but they are f*cking beautiful. And if these little beauties were produced when they weren’t that serious about fashion, then I bloomin’ well can’t wait to look through the rails of their new collection while  my boyfriend collects some cauliflower, Weetabix and stawberry jam.**

As stated in ‘Fashion Basics’ it’s not where your clothes come from that matter, it’s how you wear them that makes all the difference.

I could literally live in Tesco. They have everything you would ever need in one store. And it’s not just necessity buys, they offer genuinely luxury items. They know what customers like and they offer it by the bucket load, for a cheaper price, and with undeniable attention to detail. You really can’t complain. I lived in Holland for a year and, yes of course I missed my family, but I never thought I’d miss a supermarket on par with my little dog, Dougie. When I saw the red and blue sign of Tesco, that’s when I knew I was home.

Now, I’m going off track. So I’ll leave you with this simple message: Visit Tesco.

Tangerine, palazzo pants and oversize bag  palazzo

Red hot model Jon K modelled their SS13 collection and now walks for AW13. He has won countless awards  Bomber

 * Not strictly true.

** We clearly have much more of a substantial diet than those fashion models…



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