Fashion Review: Warby Parker Sunglasses

25 Jul

Your eyes are the window to your soul; they need to be protected and cared for. 


When packing up your holiday gear for your summer adventure, you need to make sure you have some on-trend outfits so you look the part. You also need a good sun cream to protect your delicate skin.  And then that’s it; you’re all set right? – Wrong. Many people seem to forget the essentiality of sunglasses and with Warby Parker’s new range they not only offer a combination of on-trend fashion statements as well as protection and care, but your very purchase will help children all around the world.

I, like many others, have decided to go the cheap route when it comes to sunglasses. I once bought a pair of shades from Primark totalling just £2 but this caused devastating effects. Not only did my forehead/nose/eye area swell up leaving me looking completely distorted because of the cheap plastic used in the frame*, I also put my sight at risk as I later found out that the lens did not offer adequate protection from harmful UV rays. Along with this, by purchasing these pair of sunnies I was contributing to and fuelling the continuity for poor working conditions of young children that this company shamefully commits in order to secure such minuscule prices**. My eyes were not protected and nor were the children that made them.  We were both paying the price for my mistake.

Children employed by Primark to make its clothes in Indian refugee camps

Children employed by Primark to make its clothes in Indian refugee camps

That’s when I found out about Warby Parker and their new collaboration with Warby Parker is a reputable brand making gorgeous, reliable sun protectors that you can whole-heartedly trust. And even better, with every $95 (about £62) frame purchased from their new range, they donate a $30 (about £19.50) gift card so that you can donate to your favourite charitable school project run by Donors Choose.

Warby Parker's new collaboration with Donor's Choose

Warby Parker’s new collaboration with Donor’s Choose

Donors Choose is an online non-profit organisation that helps students in need by allowing public school teachers from all over America to submit inspiring school projects that require funding. All you have to do to help is buy these fabulous looking sunglasses that will look good, protect you, and help them, and you can choose what project the money is donated to.

What would you rather? Spend £2 on a cheap pair of badly built sunglasses that don’t protect your eyes, ruin your sight and fuel a cruel company who relish child labour in third world countries, or spend £62 on a pair of decent sunglasses (still very cheap compared to most designer sunglasses!), trust that your eyes and your eyesight will be completely protected and looked after, and lay on the sun lounger knowing that you’ve actively helped children’s education all across America?

It doesn’t even stop there; for every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, they distribute a pair to someone in need. Since their inception, they’ve given out over half a million pairs. Now, I couldn’t see Primark doing such a generous thing any time soon, or indeed ever, could you?!

Today (25th July) is the launch of Warby Parker’s new collection! I urge you all; don’t go for the ‘easy’ option of purse-friendly sunnies, but make the smart choice for a larger and longer purpose that will benefit you, and the entire world, in terms of morals, economics, protection and support.

Protect your eyes, support a good cause. Find the collection on their website


Make the right choice

* This was not just me it happened to –

** Read more about it here –



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