What I Wore: Wedding Guest

2 Aug

“I do.”


Every wedding I’ve ever been to, I’ve been a bridesmaid. Gorgeous outfits which are carefully handpicked for me, tailored to my body and perfect-for-purpose. There’s no decision-making involved, the bride tells you what to wear; you wear it, and if people don’t like the dress, who cares? – blame the bride. A bridesmaid’s dress is less of an outfit; more of an accessory to the overall wedding theme.

The bride picked it; she’s happy. It’s not my style choice that’s up for analysis and scrutiny, It’s hers, I can take a back seat; I’m happy. I can rest assured that yes, another girl will indefinitely turn up in the same outfit (i.e. the other bridesmaid), but if anybody dares to be stupid enough to wear a bridesmaid’s dress as a guest then they’ll look the fool, followed by the bride, but I won’t.

So, being a bridesmaid is great, you’re a central part of the wedding unit, without having to do any speeches or saying any of the  ‘I do’s’.

wedding dresses

The next wedding I was invited to, however, I would be a guest. Exciting stuff but scary stuff. I was left to my own devices. No one is there to pick out an outfit for me, it’s just you and you alone battling the shops one by one as you find a suitable outfit for a summer’s wedding.

I did not think it would be this hard.

After extensively searching for a suitable dress I have come to the conclusion that most brands manufacture their dresses into certain categories. The ‘going out dress’ – looks like you’re dressed for a boozy night clubbin’, ‘the day-time dress’ – not special enough, looks like you’ve not made an effort, ‘the work dress’ – boring, unsuitable and again, not made any effort, and then the ‘older woman dress’ –  suitable for the event but not suitable for your age; makes you look 20 years older in a flash. So, if you’re not a bridesmaid what the feck are you meant to wear that looks suitable, special (without over-shadowing the bride) and still ‘you’?*

It’s tricky, very tricky.

I looked for a nice dress for weeks and weeks but nothing seemed to hit the mark. There are nice dresses out there don’t get me wrong but it shouldn’t have to be this darn difficult! I had to up my budget if I was to have any chance of getting a good’un.

Now, I won’t bore you too much longer. So, here is the dress I wore:



£125 by Frock and Frill.

I got this Frock and Frill dress from ASOS and I fell in love with it as soon as the package popped through my door. It is an expensive dress but it’s worth every penny. It’s not expensive because it’s got an over-priced designer’s name on  the label; it’s expensive because of the material, the detail, and the level of craftsmanship that has gone into hand-making this gorgeous piece. It’s special, it’s still young and still ‘me’, it’s not something I would wear downing shots up town, and I wouldn’t wear it to the office or on a day-trip out to sunny hunny; it’s the perfect item for a wedding.

The great thing about this outfit is that it literally does all the work for you. You needn’t splurge out on big, statement, eye-catching accessories, it would look way over-powering, would take the effect away from the dress and would actually make the item look cheaper/not as special. Less is definitely more.  I wore a simple pair of nude sandals (Dorothy Perkins: Were £45, got them for £13.50 in the sale), a plain silver clutch (Accessorize: Was £20, got it for £10 in the sale), some plain diamond stud earrings (New Look: Were £7, got them for £3 in the sale), and a flower clip in my hair (My sister’s: Free). I painted my nails a nude colour, and did my own St Tropez tan at home. Not only did I get some crackin’ bargains (Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean everything you buy has to be expensive/designer!**) but I learnt a lesson. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and buy an out-of-budget dress. I know I’ll wear this dress to a wedding again, I cut back on accessories due to my bargain eye and because it didn’t need a lot nor anything too special, so it didn’t matter too much what I went with. Everybody commented on how nice the dress looked, and I knew nobody would turn up wearing it. You often find copious amounts of wedding guests in ‘Coast’ or ‘Monsoon’ and such like, but with this dress, you stand out from the crowd.

 I didn’t feel uncomfortable either. A lot of dresses are so tight that every move is a challenge. Dropped your lipstick? Tough luck, you can forget about bending down to retrieve it, the dress simply will not let you. It is for this reason I avoided a tight dress, I was going to be in it from 12 until 12 and I could do with breathing in that time. This dress lets you all hang out without feeling self-conscious, its loose fitting means you’ll get no belly showing in the photos and you can dance the night away without being confined to just doing the robot move for every single song. It also means the style and sizing will suit most body shapes. The art deco inspiration makes it bang on-trend and the sparkles make you shine from every angle. I might be going a bit over the top now hey?, it is, still, just a dress, I know. But it’s a nice one, alright!?

This piece is not an advertorial. I wasn’t asked to write this post and I most certainly didn’t get paid for it (sigh), it’s just honest. Frock and Frill have some gorgeous individual items that you won’t find anywhere else. You are guaranteed to look gorgeous in it, the dress does all the work for you and you’ll completely hit the nail on the head when it comes to the do’s and don’ts for wedding guest’s dresses.

* Good Lord! Being a woman is so tough. So much easier for men! – Men+Wedding=Suit. Done. No questions asked, no thought given. Dust the suit off, pop any old shirt on, affix a tie and put feet into some black shoes, sorted, now where’s the church?

** Equally, if you do happen to find a dress that is perfect for the occasion and is cheap as chips, go for it, then inform me about it ;-)

Dedicated to Mr and Mrs Fairchild.



2 Responses to “What I Wore: Wedding Guest”

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  2. Katelyn April 18, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    What did you find the fit was like? I’m a size 11 on their size guide and unsure what to get!

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