Fashion: London Fashion Week

18 Sep

LFW Summary


As London Fashion Week draws to a close, I’ve took it upon myself to pick out the highlights; the decent stuff; the things we wouldn’t actually mind being seen in. Thousands among thousands of skinny-ass, Crouchy-tall, annoyingly-beautiful human beings walked down catwalks whilst the likes of Anna Wintour, Philip Green, Kate Moss, Caroline Sieber, Harry Styles gossiped away about what’s going to be big in the style stakes come S/S 2014.

I didn’t get invited to the front row. Absurd to think Nick fecking Grimshaw* did and I didn’t but hey, I’m cool with that, just don’t get me started on Kelly Osbourne. However, every day I watched the videos, gawked at the pics, read the articles and analysed the circles growing darker under the eyes of dear old Cara Delevingne. Poor thing.

For me, fashion is exclusively about looking good. I get that it’s also partly to do with being creative and having fun, making a statement and all that sh*t but ultimately, when it comes down to it, it’s still just about; looking good. LFW is the time when designers forget that little snippet of fact and try to come up with elaborate ways to get noticed, and in their attempt to do so, they create some absolutely horrific monstrosities of clothing that cannot, just CAN – NOT be called fashion:

slide_250989_1530578_free slide_250989_1530568_free slide_250989_1530554_free slide_250989_1530567_free

Utterly. Bonkers.

These people do not look good. Fact.

And before you complain that I am being ignorant about fashion, that these outfits and looks are incredible works of art, cutting edge statements etc etc – let me just say this in my defence: you’re absolutely right. Nobody would wear these clothes on a first date, at a job interview or to the first day of uni. Why? Because not only will they not give the best first impression and ultimately scare the absolute sh*t out of the perceiver, but they’re impractical, ridiculous and a waste of time and money. Oh and did I mention they’re ugly as f*ck!? Fashion for me is about looking good. These do not look good. This is not fashion. So, now you know where I stand, you will understand why my ‘best bits’ aren’t going to be anything that’s in anyway Lady Gaga-esque; the best bits are the things that are brilliantly designed, expertly executed and nicely presented.

Best Bits:

Temperley London           //               Sister by Sibling

00190h_592x888 0080h_592x888

Christopher Kane           //               Preen

christopher_kane_015_1366.1280x1920_592x888 00130h_320x480

Ralph Lauren               //                    J Mendel

00280h_592x888 00150h_592x888

Michael Kors               //                    David Koma

00360h_592x888 213260

Sass & Bide                //                    Topshop Unique

00160h_592x888 213853

My third favourite S/S14 collection: Victoria Beckham – ok this was showcased at NYFW but she’s from London so it still counts ;-)

00130h_592x888 00210h_592x888

Second favourite: Osman

214330 214346

Actual favourite: Burberry Prorsum

214124 00450h_592x888 214150 214139214168 539734_10151876648129851_540599124_n

P.S. Worst collection has to go to Nasir Mazhar. This is wrong on so many levels, no need for this mate, there’s just no need! *vom*

214026 016_320x480

* I don’t mind Grimmy’s Radio 1 breakfast show that much, but still.

Go to the LFW website to read about all the designers and see their collections.



One Response to “Fashion: London Fashion Week”

  1. Cécilia September 18, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

    Burberry Prorsum was just perfectly on point

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