Beauty Review: Aldi and Lidl

19 Sep

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I’ve already spoken about Tesco offering a fantastic fashion range proving that supermarkets are right up there with the fashion big dogs. But, it’s now time to talk beauty.

Aldi and Lidl are often dismissed as downmarket stores with poor quality produce. Wrong. I’ve recently been converted to the Aldi way. It’s all the same stuff you get from Sainsbury’s but for a third of the price. Why spend £6 on a punnet of cherries when you can get some for £2? Yes, I was a food-snob pre-Aldi-visit but the quality of the food is very good. Seriously, just try it out.

The very first trip to Aldi on my own felt like a Primark spree for the over 50s. In Primark I see something, I like it, I see the price, I like it even more, I slam it in the basket, no questions asked. After about half an hour, there’s a lot of things I like, a lot of prices I like and a lot of ‘stuff’ in my basket. Oops. I never thought I would have the Primark experience anywhere else. But I have. You walk around Aldi, you see a version of Alpen, normally £5.99, look at the price, £0.59* and you just go f*cking mental. In this frenzy of excitement, bewilderment and discovery, I make my way down the beauty aisle and basically shoved it all in my trolley.

lacuraFrom vitamins to travel wipes, I’ve got it all. I won’t go into detail about the cotton buds or the family soap, but I will talk about their creams. Ah the creams. The Multi-Intensive Serum is amazing. It feels silky-smooth, smells fresh and clean, and soaks into the skin quickly without any residue; instantly making you feel and look that little more awake. I’ve tried other creams that cost around £30+ (Clinique, Lancome, No7..)  and I can honestly say that this Aldi number is one of the best at only £3.49. Now you understand my frenzy. 

eye roll-on

I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to eye creams. Weird obsession I know; don’t judge me. Anyway, the Caffeine Eye Roll-On is just as good, if not better, than the other ones I’ve tried, including Garnier. As soon as you apply it, your eyes feel refreshed and it doesn’t just sit on your bags like a Gatwick arrival waiting for a lift.

LacuraBeautyConcealerPen1It doesn’t stop there. There’s make-up too. The powder, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, the powder is better than Cliniques. There I said it. It’s true, I’m sorry. I know as a beauty blogger I should love Clinique – and I do – but why pay more when you can get something better at a tenth of the price? The eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks – all good. But the concealer is amazing. I was a member of the YSL TE gang for years (I still am), there really is nothing better. Now I’m not going to go that far and say it’s better than TE, I just can’t do that, but it comes in pretty high. It conceals spots whilst highlighting the under-eye area subtlety. If you can’t afford TE at £22, go for Aldi’s for just £3.49**.

image009If you’ve read my post about hair then you’ll know I (like the rest of the world) am a huge fan of Moroccan oil as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It makes your hair feel super smooth, really shiny and protects it against heat damage. As you read my posts you’ll notice that I buy things that I already have I.e. I have a red nail varnish, I’ll buy a new one just to see what it’s like (my boyfriend cannot comprehend such thing). Anyway, I bought some Miracle Oil from Aldi even though I had 2 bottles of the stuff at home, (I told him it was for research purposes – I am committed to my blog and want to give my readers only the very best reviews). So, the review: It’s really good. Exactly like the £30 bottle, the £3.99 version does the exact same job. Both contain the essential intensive moisturising agent – Argan oil – and both make my hair feel and look sleek and feel smooth.


Now, it’s not just Aldi I’ve fallen for, but I’ve dibble-dabbled in his younger brother too. Lidl has been expanding its cosmetics selection ever since the success of the Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume which launched in June 2011. In independent blind tests, the £3.99 bottle beat leading designer brands in research carried out by the Perfumer’s Guild. It’s Cien make-up range has proved to be a big hit too. The BB cream costs just £1.99. I’ve tried an array of BB and CC creams in my quest to find the one that transforms me to an instant ‘The Saturdays’ member. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this will never happen. The BB cream, though, is very good, it has all those multi-tasking, all-in-one benefits that BB creams have but actually makes a difference and is the least expensive one I’ve ever tried. Lidl’s body lotion with avocado oil, £1.39 is also very good. It smells nice, soaks into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished.

So, in summary, don’t buy the really expensive stuff when the cheaper stuff is just as good. Aldi and/or Lidl certainly don’t have everything for your beauty regimen but what they do have, it’s pretty good, and for the price, you may as well give it a try just for the craic. You never know you might just be swayed to the Aldi way..

*Not actual prices

** Or even if you can afford it, maybe go for Aldi’s anyway, and spend the rest of the money on some Krispy Kremes. YUM!



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