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Beauty Review: Ojon

28 Nov

Ojon Review

After trying Ojon’s hair treatment a while back I have been an avid fan of all things Ojon ever since. They’re always running brilliant offers on their website and in selected stores (last year they ran a great promotion where you took in an empty bottle of shampoo or conditioner from any brand and swapped it for full sized bottles of their shampoo and conditioner set) so it’s always worth taking a peak at their website.

Last month they gave away a free full sized bottle of ‘Rare Blend Protecting Treatment’ (RRP:£23) when your bought any other product, and with postage being completely free, I couldn’t resist.

I’m a sucker for serums so this ‘Instant Restorative Hair Serum’ (RRP: £16) instantly caught my eye. My hair is ridiculously frizzy so I need all the help I can get in taming my mane. This 25ml bottle aims to strengthen hair against breakage, fix flyaways and tame frizz, as well as restoring shine and softness. After washing my hair and blot drying it with a towel I worked it through the ends of my hair. It comes with a little pipette so it immediately brings back fun memories of science class. At  first I thought this was a really handy bit of kit to ensure you’re always using the correct amount. Rather than an ambiguous ‘coin sized’ or ‘pea sized’ amount, with this, I thought, you just fill the pipette and you’ll know you’ve used the right amount every time. – Wrong. You should only apply one to two drops – not a whole pipette full! After re-applying the correct amount second time around, it left my hair silky smooth and it really did tame frizz and bring back the shine. It also makes it easier to style and looks more glossy and salon-like. It did, however, make my hair feel a little greasy and made it quite volume-less and flat so I would only apply a drop or two to the very tips of my hair in future.

Ojon instant restorative hair serum

So, onto my freebie. I straighten my hair everyday so I will always invest in anything that says ‘protect’ or ‘treatment’ to safeguard all the injuries caused. This spray bottle claims to help hydrate, condition and detangle to prevent breakage as well as protect hair from heat damage. With styling products you can see results instantly, however, when it comes to treatments and preventative products – results aren’t very clear. So it’s hard to say whether there is a noticeable difference or not. Nonetheless, I would recommend this product for all the good that it’s doing behind-the-scenes. It smells heavenly and keeps your hair moisturised without weighing it down. I shake it up and spray this all over my hair – from root to tip, just before blitzing it with the hair dryer. It smells good, looks good and does good.

ojon rare blend protecting treatment

And voila! With these two products I’m left with soft, shiny, fizz-less hair that’s nourished and healthy. Perfect.

For more about hair, click here.



Fashion: Christmas Wish List

25 Nov

Today is exactly one month until Christmas Day so it’s time to start thinking about what  gifts you’re going to buy people and, more importantly, what you’re going to put on your letter to Santa. I’ve come up with my own little wish list to motivate and inspire you all to get into the Christmas spirit..

Christmas wish list for girls

1. Pastel blue knitted angora cable jumper – Topshop
I love this jumper, it’s snuggly and warm and comes in my fave colour of the moment. I’d wear this with a crisp white shirt underneath, some skinny jeans and a pair of suede, stone coloured ankle boots.

2. Woodland hummingbird bracelet watch – Olivia Burton
I’m a huge fan of Olivia Burton watches – they’re vintage looking and super cute. Their a/w winter range is full of signature British style, featuring on-trend oversized dials, antique animal motifs and moody florals.

3. Heart ring – Asos
Big rings are out; small, cute rings are in. This heart ring is really dainty and delicate and is a complete bargain at only £6!

4. Pale pink crombie coat – Primark
Ok, so you can’t purchase this number online but it’s definitely worth battling the madness of a scrabbling Primark store. The hustle and bustle can be over-bearing but you need to stay strong because you will not find this season’s must-have pastel pink oversized coat anywhere else for just £32.

5. Ceramic rabbit ring dish – Not on the high street
Got all the rings but nowhere to store them? This gorgeous rabbit ring dish is perfect for guarding your jewellery. Notonthehighstreet have loads of great gift ideas for all the family so it’s worth popping onto their website for some new and unique presents.

6. Bunny mittens – Topshop
These cute little bunny mittens are ideal for keeping your hands nice and toasty this winter – a great stocking filler for any girl.

7. Sunny satchel – Accessorize 
Mint is another of my fave colours and is set to be huge next spring so get ahead of the fashion pack in this classic satchel bag. The box design and the gold lock fastening gives this piece a vintage feel and will brighten up any of your everyday outfits.

8. Season of peace candle – Yankee Candle
I always look forward to the Christmas collection from Yankee Candle. This one smells fresh and pure but, I have to be honest, I love them all! Snow in love, Christmas cookie and red apple wreath are also among my faves!

9. Fashion addict print oversized t-shirt – River Island
This laid-back oversized tee is perfect for wintery days spent close by the fire. I love slogan print tops and this one has my name written all over it.

10. Nail polish in ‘bashful’ – Topshop
I have loads of nail polishes but this icy blue one is yet to venture into my collection. I can’t wait to give it a go and wear with all my new pastel shades.

11. Leather chelsea ankle boots – Asos
Chelsea boots are classic and timeless – they are a winter staple and will never go out of fashion. These navy coloured chelsea boots give a great, modern twist to a classic heritage style. Another bargain at only £50.


Fashion: The Onesie Era

21 Nov

Since the clock struck 00:01 on the 1st January 2010 we were left with a conundrum: what decade are we in? ‘The Tens’ sounds peculiar compared to ‘The Twenties’, ‘Thirties’, ‘Forties’ and so on.. don’t you think? So, I propose we shall call our current era – The Onesies. Why? Because of the inclusion of the number one in every year and secondly because we have all gone MAD. This new found fashion fad is bonkers. Baby grows for adults – why, oh, why?


After months and months of resisting to step foot in these monstrosities, I finally gave in to the pressure. What is this all about? I had to know.

My boyfriend works in a primary school and his task for Children in Need was to wear PJ’s to work. As he only wears very short shorts for bed, it would be highly inappropriate to send him off in his actual bed-time attire. So, we head on down to Primark to buy some cheapy-cheap PJ’s. He ends up buying I end up buying him a Christmassy onesie for the event.

As I work from home I never get invited to do these fun sort of things *cue sympathy music* so I decided I would have my own onesie day at work (home) too. The women’s collection was all far too long for my vertically challenged self so I made my way to the children’s section. Here, I found this aged 13 Daisy Duck onesie, complete with feet, bows and a hood, and in my favourite colour of the moment – pastel blue. For only £9.00 I thought I’d see what the hype was about.

Pastel Blue Daisy Duck Onesie


Daisy Duck

The verdict: They are literally the most un-flattering, un-forgiving and un-sexy things ever created. I look like a huge, hairy baby, and it’s somewhat odd, off-putting and slightly creepy.

Would Kate Middleton or Audrey Hepburn wear a onesie? No, of-f*cking-course-not but my are they snug! You know those hungover, all-I-want-to-do-is-eat-sh*t-watch-come-dine-with-me-in-bed-and-speak-to-nobody kind of days? This is when the onesie shines bright.

You won’t look good, fact, but when you’re going through the post-alcohol anxiety dip and find yourself in a complete depressive pool of headaches, nausea and guilt, looking attractive is the least thing you care about and a onesie just gives you a massive big hug to tell you all will be well in time.

It’s like a custom-made sleeping bag that you never want to get out of. It’ll keep you all warm when you’ve got the hangover shivers and you can literally hide yourself away for however long it takes you to re-coup.

If you’re in your first few months of your new relationship DON’T LET YOUR BOYFRIEND SEE YOU IN ONE!  My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and it looked like it could all come crashing down when he saw me in a onesie. If your boyfriend does see you in one and he passes no judgement – you have yourself a keeper my friend. If he can love you in a onesie, he can love you for a lifetime*. 

Onesies are the very embodiment of the comfort vs style debate – 100% comfort, 0% style. As a fashion writer can I really be writing about the latest and greatest looks whilst I’m sat in baby getup? I feel like a traitor.

For the sake of my relationship, and the fact I look more Kerry Katona than Princess Kate, I’m not sure whether I will adopt my new outfit as my everyday uniform but for the mornings after the nights before, I will always be going to Daisy for a hangover hug.

Have you got a onesie? What do you think?

*Although if he ever says you look sexy in it – be very concerned. The definition of a onesie is: ‘A one-piece garment for an infant or small child, generally worn over a nappy.’ – So sexy it is never!


Beauty: Aldi BB Cream

20 Nov

I’ve previously written about my love affair with the budget beauty buys offered in Aldi and Lidl so when Aldi asked if I would like to review their BB cream I was overjoyed.

When Aldi launched their first Lacura BB cream at the end of last year it immediately created a buzz in the beauty industry. However, I was too late in catching onto this beauty wonder that I never got to join in on the buzz. *sob*

Fortunately, Aldi have just announced that, due to popular demand, they are bringing their BB cream back – for one week only – starting from Thursday 21st November (that’s tomorrow!)

Aldi BB Cream

If you’re looking for a no-make-up-make-up-look, this is your fella. It’s really subtle and natural looking that it gives your skin that much-needed lift and brightness without having to cake the stuff on.

The creamy texture is ultra-light and silky, it absorbs into the skin easily and quickly without clogging up your pores or drying out your skin.

It comes in two different shades – Medium and Light. I went for the Light version, and my-oh-my it is a match made in heaven. It blends in with my skin tone seamlessly; there’s no orange lines left on my jaw line and it gives me that extra kick of colour without making me look like a TOWIE member or leaving me to look like a member of the Addams family.

Aldi BB Cream Review

The best thing about this product is that there’s a whole host of benefits. It combines 24 hour moisturiser with an SPF 15 UV protection along with soothing fine lines, concealing imperfections and brightening up your complexion.

The result is a really natural, fresh look that evens out your skin tone without changing your natural colour. It’s all about enhancing your skin rather than changing it. It’s more of a dewy effect rather than a matte finish and allows the natural dimensions of your face to shine through. For me, I need a little more help in the ‘concealing imperfections’ department. It hasn’t got a high enough coverage for me to wear it alone so I top it up with an extra thin layer of foundation and some concealer under my eyes.

However, this BB cream is ideal for the summer months. When I’m on holiday I tend to always go for a more natural look so this will be perfect for my beauty regime abroad. It will keep my sun-drying skin moisturised, it has the essential UVA/UVB filter system and gives my skin that extra lift so I look naturally sun-kissed.

Whichever BB cream you decide on, it’ll be low in coverage but high in skincare benefits. I’ve tried a great number of BB creams now and, I have to say, this is one of my fave. The texture wins it for me as it’s really creamy and light without being either too wet and oily or too dense and dry.

This is the ultimate cheater’s product – for the gals who want to look like they’re not wearing make-up but can’t bear not actually wearing any.

So, make a note in your diary now to get yourself down to Aldi sometime this week and stock up before it’s too late! Oh and did I mention it’s only £4.99! *bargain*

For more about Aldi’s beauty range head to: This page. 


Fashion: Why Pay More?

14 Nov

money falling

The best/worst thing about fashion is that it changes so darn quickly. One minute the coolest thing to hold your packed lunch and Pepsi pencil case in is an inflatable bubble bag – you know the ones I mean, don’t pretend you don’t – and then the next second it’s away with the bubbles and it’s all about the Nike drawstrings. Fast forward post-90’s era and we’re in the same situation. Jeggings? Once everywhere, now nowhere, High-waisted belts? Were all the rage, now de-trending, Patterned tights? Once we couldn’t get enough, now they’re back to being limited to the under 8’s. So, fashion has a cycle. One minute it’s ‘in’, then it’s not, then it’s quirky, edgy, a bit ‘different’ and ‘random’, then it’s high-fashion, then it’s ‘in’ (mainstream), then it’s not… you get the picture.

It is for this reason that I flat out refuse to part with my heard-earned cheddar on something that will go out of fashion a couple of weeks down the road and I’m left with a choker tattoo necklace that I either dispose of quickly or hold onto for a number of years in the hope that it’ll come back ‘in’ – can’t see that one happening myself.

Anyway, so, chunky watches with a patterned face are ‘in’ at the minute- well, they are for me at least. Although some people see their watch as an investment – something simply to be worn every day to tell you the time, for me, a watch is just part of my jewellery collection. It could say the wrong time and it wouldn’t matter – it’s more of an accessory than a time-piece. I don’t wear it to tell the time; only to complement and complete my outfit.

This one is from Urban Outfitters for £26. Okay, so it’s not a Rolex, it won’t break the bank, but if we factor in the fashion cycle and then add to that the fact that if it doesn’t go out of fashion for a while, I’ll still quickly get bored of it and throw it to the back of the wardrobe for it never to be seen again anyway, as well as the fact that I’m not too bothered about a watch actually telling the correct time, could I  really warrant spending £26 on myself pre-Christmas on something that may not even last me the entire season? It’s worth noting too that to get this watch delivered (we don’t have an Urban Outfitters in Peterborough) would cost, at least, £3.99.

Urban Outfitters Map Watch

Whilst trawling through eBay for some cake tins I got distracted. Well, I say ‘distracted’, I did type ‘globe watch’ into the search tab. – “Hmm I’ll just see what they’ve got” –  this, more often than not, astonishes me with how many results come up and I’m that fascinated that I type in more and more items using the same thought process so that my entire afternoon has completely evaporated.

I came across this watch for just £3 including postage and packaging – barg! I clicked ‘buy it now’ instantly. Although it’s not completely identical to the Urban Outfitters version, it’s just perfect for me. I could definitely warrant spending £3 on a watch. If it breaks, if it is strays out of fashion, if I dislike it by the end of the week – at least I only paid £3 on it rather than £26+£3.99. I also genuinely prefer it to the pricier number. The only major  difference about this watch compared to the Urban Outfitters version is that they’ve decided not to add the stitching to the leather strap.

£26 may not be a lot of money in the first place but think of it this way, you’re offered Buxton water for £2.60 plus 40p to get it delivered or you can have Tesco Own water for just 30p – what you gonna go for? If you said the former, more fool you.

This watch was made in China but you can bet your bottom dollar that the pricier one was too and therefore cost roughly the same to make. The eBay company that I bought my watch off are clearly making a profit by selling it at £3 a pop so it makes you wonder how much the big dogs are making when they’re selling a similar item for almost 10 times the price.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. The look and feel of it is not dissimilar to the big brand names. It’s subtle and vintage-looking and gives my outfit that little extra oomph, and for £3 – everyone’s a winner, baby.

map watch

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, just sometimes, you want the real McCoy, the full shebang, and it pays off to pay more. If you asked for a Pandora bracelet, you bloomin’ well want a Pandora bracelet not a knock-off, or if you’ve asked for GHD’s you most certainly do not want a pair of Babyliss’, and when you want a Mac, only a Mac will do. But then there’s other times when that something you want is quite generic and broad that a cheaper alternative is exactly what you need, so, why pay more when you don’t have to?

eBay is bombarded with stuff; it’s always worth typing in that search tab just to see if they’ve got what you’re looking for! You’ll be surprised, and most probably, hooked!


Crafts: Upcycling Old Shoes

12 Nov


An accident can only be deemed an accident if the perpetrator was unintentional in her actions, and this, by all accounts, was an accident. The story begins.


My Mum and I were shopping in an outlet store and she lovingly bought me these gorgeous pair of shoes which were originally £45 but were now down to just £8, and they were in my size – it was meant to be. My Mum cannot resist a bargain and she proceeded to the checkout to buy me them (yay!).

I’ve worn them a fair few times now and, since then, I have amassed my nude shoe collection to double figures.

I’ve got a whole host of shoes in various colours but fail to own a pair of reds.

I wanted some cherry coloured heels for the festive period that is about to ensue but 1. I haven’t found any that are of particular presence that make me want to part with my money, and 2. I don’t want to spend much money as, being on the countdown to Christmas means budgets are tighter. So, what’s a girl to do?

Rather than splurging out on some shoes that, let’s face it, I will only wear once. I decided to upcycle a pair of my favourite shoes I already own. Out of the ridiculous amount of shoes I own, these nude shoes were to be perfect for my upcycling adventure.

I bought this red leather dye off Amazon for around £3 and began to paint my way into Dorothy heaven.


Now, I am a very clumsy person. If you hand me a drink or a plate of food, there’s a 1 in 3 chance I will spill it, everywhere. I have been ‘told off’* for spilling the likes of curry sauce and baked-bean juice, leaving my straighteners on to burn through the carpet, and subsequently the window cill, popping the wrapper of a strawberry ice pole on the floor to see it leak everywhere, iron my way through the dinner table and more recently, letting candle wax melt its way into the cream carpet fibres.

So, why did I decide to dye my nude shoes bright red without any protection in my room? I have NO idea. It was only a matter of time.

First off, you clean your shoes with the handy sponge provided. Then, you simply paint the red dye all over the surface of the shoes. Once dry, you then paint on a second coat. It dries really, really quickly so it takes no time at all.


All went swimmingly, up to this point.

It states, ‘Further coats may be necessary on some of the lighter colours’. I didn’t know if that meant lighter coloured dye or lighter coloured shoes. So, I just went for it and thought a third coat would do no harm.

It did.

Upon beginning my third coat of painting, disaster struck. No, a blob of paint did not fall off the end of the brush onto the carpet. The entire contents of the bottle did.


OH F*CK!!!!!

My Mum is a loving gal but she is going to actually murder me.

We’re currently in the midst of trying to sell our house so everything has to be spick and span for any visitors or potential buyers. So, normally she would be mad at me, but in this current situation she will be beyond crazy.

I knew my painting story was too good to be true. Will I ever learn my lesson?

I tried all manner of things to get the RED DYE that dries REALLY, REALLY QUICKLY, out of the CREAM carpet. Nothing was working – funny that.

My boyfriend is now in on the act of trying to save my carpet and my sorry little ass. We speed to Tesco and buy this, which was soon to become, my hero, my saviour, my God of all Gods.


I squirted it all over the scene of the crime and, true to word, the red stain vanished. Mum is still none-the-wiser, until she reads this, of course. – I love you Mum.

Safe to say, I finished the paint job downstairs with all my favourite magazines scattered across the entire floor acting as little crash mats for every single drop of paint that couldn’t hack it anymore.

Was it worth it? Well, considering I chose to dye my old shoes red rather than buying new red shoes to cut costs, I ended up spending £8 – the total that my Mum bought the original shoes for. 

However, this vanish number, for £5, is a pretty sound investment for me. God only knows when my next accident will occur but now I have this little hunk stored under my bed for any emergencies.

Luckily, we might be moving house, and the room that I will be in has bright red carpet. At first I thought this was garish and ghastly but now the beauty of it is shining through.

If you are more careful than me and don’t have to fork out for stain removers then yes, it is worth it.


After my stressful ordeal, I have indeed now got myself some spangly new shoes to wear at the Christmas parties. What do you think?

*Yes, I’m 23 and I still get ‘told off’.


Beauty Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

7 Nov

stay matte foundation advert

As the wind becomes cooler, the nights are extended and the frost begins to settle on our windows, it’s time to face the fact we are entering winter.

Bikinis have been thrown at the back of the wardrobe for their 7 month hibernation, sunglasses are sat in the drawer gathering dust and debris, and any sign of tan has been firmly wiped off my skin.

I love winter. We can stuff ourselves full of mince pies and Quality Street treats until we feel satisfyingly sick because we don’t have to worry about our bikini-bod-diet for a good 6 and a half months. We can blame our spots, frazzled hair and dry skin all on ‘ the changing of the weather’ – is that even a thing? And we don’t have to lather on the fake tan just so our legs look comparably normal to the sun-goers.

On my quest to embrace the winter spirit, I tootled down to the shops to renew my foundation colour. Even though I slap on the sun cream (to the subsequently slap on the fake tan), I do get a tinge of natural colour on my cheeks in the summer. As the months endure, my skin shade becomes lighter and more translucent by the second. The foundation I wore on my holiday won’t look or feel right once the minus temperatures kick in. It’s essential that when the season’s change your skincare and make-up routine changes too. The orange look of July is out and we welcome in the paler hues of December.

I chose to go with Rimmel’s new Stay Matte foundation in True Ivory 103.

Rimmel Stay matte Foundation Review True Ivory

My naturally shiny, spotty T-zone is mattified and camouflaged.  It’s ultra-light yet has a high coverage – perfect for me.

It states on the bottle ‘liquid mousse foundation’ and that’s exactly what it is. I’ve tried Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse, and although I really like the consistency and coverage, I found that it could sometimes dry out my skin quite a lot and leave me with odd little flaky bits peeling off my face. This however, is silky smooth without being oily, yet matte without being dense. I sometimes find liquids can be quite greasy, while mousses can be cakey. This is neither.

Serum or primer is a must pre-application of this foundation as I find that without these, the finish can be quite texturised and, although it covers spots amazingly, it can highlight small bumps on the skin and cling to healing blemishes. A small amount goes really far so you only need a smidgen for a full application, and it’s best to apply quite thinly (you can always add more!).

It gives an even, soft finish and you don’t need much powder as this does most of the shine-control work for you. It minimises redness of blemishes and softens dark circles almost as well as concealers, and feels powder-light. As the coverage is quite high you need to blend in some blusher to give a more natural look to your skin tone.

It stays put all day and, in my opinion, is one of the best foundations around at the minute. It only costs £5.99 and Boots often have great offers on for Rimmel to get some 3 for 2’s, price cuts or a free gift.

If you’re struggling to find a paler foundation that’s matte, has a good coverage and is a reasonable price, this is your guy. There are 6 different shades available, so go ahead and renew your foundation colour and embrace your winter shade!

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think :)