Beauty Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

7 Nov

stay matte foundation advert

As the wind becomes cooler, the nights are extended and the frost begins to settle on our windows, it’s time to face the fact we are entering winter.

Bikinis have been thrown at the back of the wardrobe for their 7 month hibernation, sunglasses are sat in the drawer gathering dust and debris, and any sign of tan has been firmly wiped off my skin.

I love winter. We can stuff ourselves full of mince pies and Quality Street treats until we feel satisfyingly sick because we don’t have to worry about our bikini-bod-diet for a good 6 and a half months. We can blame our spots, frazzled hair and dry skin all on ‘ the changing of the weather’ – is that even a thing? And we don’t have to lather on the fake tan just so our legs look comparably normal to the sun-goers.

On my quest to embrace the winter spirit, I tootled down to the shops to renew my foundation colour. Even though I slap on the sun cream (to the subsequently slap on the fake tan), I do get a tinge of natural colour on my cheeks in the summer. As the months endure, my skin shade becomes lighter and more translucent by the second. The foundation I wore on my holiday won’t look or feel right once the minus temperatures kick in. It’s essential that when the season’s change your skincare and make-up routine changes too. The orange look of July is out and we welcome in the paler hues of December.

I chose to go with Rimmel’s new Stay Matte foundation in True Ivory 103.

Rimmel Stay matte Foundation Review True Ivory

My naturally shiny, spotty T-zone is mattified and camouflaged.  It’s ultra-light yet has a high coverage – perfect for me.

It states on the bottle ‘liquid mousse foundation’ and that’s exactly what it is. I’ve tried Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse, and although I really like the consistency and coverage, I found that it could sometimes dry out my skin quite a lot and leave me with odd little flaky bits peeling off my face. This however, is silky smooth without being oily, yet matte without being dense. I sometimes find liquids can be quite greasy, while mousses can be cakey. This is neither.

Serum or primer is a must pre-application of this foundation as I find that without these, the finish can be quite texturised and, although it covers spots amazingly, it can highlight small bumps on the skin and cling to healing blemishes. A small amount goes really far so you only need a smidgen for a full application, and it’s best to apply quite thinly (you can always add more!).

It gives an even, soft finish and you don’t need much powder as this does most of the shine-control work for you. It minimises redness of blemishes and softens dark circles almost as well as concealers, and feels powder-light. As the coverage is quite high you need to blend in some blusher to give a more natural look to your skin tone.

It stays put all day and, in my opinion, is one of the best foundations around at the minute. It only costs £5.99 and Boots often have great offers on for Rimmel to get some 3 for 2’s, price cuts or a free gift.

If you’re struggling to find a paler foundation that’s matte, has a good coverage and is a reasonable price, this is your guy. There are 6 different shades available, so go ahead and renew your foundation colour and embrace your winter shade!

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think :)



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