Fashion: Why Pay More?

14 Nov

money falling

The best/worst thing about fashion is that it changes so darn quickly. One minute the coolest thing to hold your packed lunch and Pepsi pencil case in is an inflatable bubble bag – you know the ones I mean, don’t pretend you don’t – and then the next second it’s away with the bubbles and it’s all about the Nike drawstrings. Fast forward post-90’s era and we’re in the same situation. Jeggings? Once everywhere, now nowhere, High-waisted belts? Were all the rage, now de-trending, Patterned tights? Once we couldn’t get enough, now they’re back to being limited to the under 8’s. So, fashion has a cycle. One minute it’s ‘in’, then it’s not, then it’s quirky, edgy, a bit ‘different’ and ‘random’, then it’s high-fashion, then it’s ‘in’ (mainstream), then it’s not… you get the picture.

It is for this reason that I flat out refuse to part with my heard-earned cheddar on something that will go out of fashion a couple of weeks down the road and I’m left with a choker tattoo necklace that I either dispose of quickly or hold onto for a number of years in the hope that it’ll come back ‘in’ – can’t see that one happening myself.

Anyway, so, chunky watches with a patterned face are ‘in’ at the minute- well, they are for me at least. Although some people see their watch as an investment – something simply to be worn every day to tell you the time, for me, a watch is just part of my jewellery collection. It could say the wrong time and it wouldn’t matter – it’s more of an accessory than a time-piece. I don’t wear it to tell the time; only to complement and complete my outfit.

This one is from Urban Outfitters for £26. Okay, so it’s not a Rolex, it won’t break the bank, but if we factor in the fashion cycle and then add to that the fact that if it doesn’t go out of fashion for a while, I’ll still quickly get bored of it and throw it to the back of the wardrobe for it never to be seen again anyway, as well as the fact that I’m not too bothered about a watch actually telling the correct time, could I  really warrant spending £26 on myself pre-Christmas on something that may not even last me the entire season? It’s worth noting too that to get this watch delivered (we don’t have an Urban Outfitters in Peterborough) would cost, at least, £3.99.

Urban Outfitters Map Watch

Whilst trawling through eBay for some cake tins I got distracted. Well, I say ‘distracted’, I did type ‘globe watch’ into the search tab. – “Hmm I’ll just see what they’ve got” –  this, more often than not, astonishes me with how many results come up and I’m that fascinated that I type in more and more items using the same thought process so that my entire afternoon has completely evaporated.

I came across this watch for just £3 including postage and packaging – barg! I clicked ‘buy it now’ instantly. Although it’s not completely identical to the Urban Outfitters version, it’s just perfect for me. I could definitely warrant spending £3 on a watch. If it breaks, if it is strays out of fashion, if I dislike it by the end of the week – at least I only paid £3 on it rather than £26+£3.99. I also genuinely prefer it to the pricier number. The only major  difference about this watch compared to the Urban Outfitters version is that they’ve decided not to add the stitching to the leather strap.

£26 may not be a lot of money in the first place but think of it this way, you’re offered Buxton water for £2.60 plus 40p to get it delivered or you can have Tesco Own water for just 30p – what you gonna go for? If you said the former, more fool you.

This watch was made in China but you can bet your bottom dollar that the pricier one was too and therefore cost roughly the same to make. The eBay company that I bought my watch off are clearly making a profit by selling it at £3 a pop so it makes you wonder how much the big dogs are making when they’re selling a similar item for almost 10 times the price.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. The look and feel of it is not dissimilar to the big brand names. It’s subtle and vintage-looking and gives my outfit that little extra oomph, and for £3 – everyone’s a winner, baby.

map watch

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, just sometimes, you want the real McCoy, the full shebang, and it pays off to pay more. If you asked for a Pandora bracelet, you bloomin’ well want a Pandora bracelet not a knock-off, or if you’ve asked for GHD’s you most certainly do not want a pair of Babyliss’, and when you want a Mac, only a Mac will do. But then there’s other times when that something you want is quite generic and broad that a cheaper alternative is exactly what you need, so, why pay more when you don’t have to?

eBay is bombarded with stuff; it’s always worth typing in that search tab just to see if they’ve got what you’re looking for! You’ll be surprised, and most probably, hooked!



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