Beauty Review: Ojon

28 Nov

Ojon Review

After trying Ojon’s hair treatment a while back I have been an avid fan of all things Ojon ever since. They’re always running brilliant offers on their website and in selected stores (last year they ran a great promotion where you took in an empty bottle of shampoo or conditioner from any brand and swapped it for full sized bottles of their shampoo and conditioner set) so it’s always worth taking a peak at their website.

Last month they gave away a free full sized bottle of ‘Rare Blend Protecting Treatment’ (RRP:£23) when your bought any other product, and with postage being completely free, I couldn’t resist.

I’m a sucker for serums so this ‘Instant Restorative Hair Serum’ (RRP: £16) instantly caught my eye. My hair is ridiculously frizzy so I need all the help I can get in taming my mane. This 25ml bottle aims to strengthen hair against breakage, fix flyaways and tame frizz, as well as restoring shine and softness. After washing my hair and blot drying it with a towel I worked it through the ends of my hair. It comes with a little pipette so it immediately brings back fun memories of science class. At  first I thought this was a really handy bit of kit to ensure you’re always using the correct amount. Rather than an ambiguous ‘coin sized’ or ‘pea sized’ amount, with this, I thought, you just fill the pipette and you’ll know you’ve used the right amount every time. – Wrong. You should only apply one to two drops – not a whole pipette full! After re-applying the correct amount second time around, it left my hair silky smooth and it really did tame frizz and bring back the shine. It also makes it easier to style and looks more glossy and salon-like. It did, however, make my hair feel a little greasy and made it quite volume-less and flat so I would only apply a drop or two to the very tips of my hair in future.

Ojon instant restorative hair serum

So, onto my freebie. I straighten my hair everyday so I will always invest in anything that says ‘protect’ or ‘treatment’ to safeguard all the injuries caused. This spray bottle claims to help hydrate, condition and detangle to prevent breakage as well as protect hair from heat damage. With styling products you can see results instantly, however, when it comes to treatments and preventative products – results aren’t very clear. So it’s hard to say whether there is a noticeable difference or not. Nonetheless, I would recommend this product for all the good that it’s doing behind-the-scenes. It smells heavenly and keeps your hair moisturised without weighing it down. I shake it up and spray this all over my hair – from root to tip, just before blitzing it with the hair dryer. It smells good, looks good and does good.

ojon rare blend protecting treatment

And voila! With these two products I’m left with soft, shiny, fizz-less hair that’s nourished and healthy. Perfect.

For more about hair, click here.



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