Fashion: The Best Christmas Jumpers

1 Dec

The first day of December means we are officially allowed to go Christmas crazy. We can delve into our advent calendars, munch on mince pies, decorate our homes with sparkles and glitter, play our favourite Christmas songs (mine include Mariah (obviously), The Pogues and Bing Crosby, among many) and wear our Christmas jumpers with pride, excitement and honour.

The Christmas jumper used to be feared. Your nan’s knitting skills were put to the test and your fake smile was endured throughout Christmas day whilst you wore your garish ensemble. Now though, they are a fashion statement in their own right. Instead of hiding with embarrassment and fear, we’ve learnt to relish, cherish and flaunt our festive knits and treat Christmas day as an entire fashion season in itself for us to parade around the house modelling our new Chrsitmassy getups.

From the tacky to the triumphant, every designer is dibble-dabbling in Christmas Jumpers this year. So, rather than adding to your December shopping stresses, I’ve picked out some of the best Christmas jumpers around – all available in just a click of a button…

best christmas jumpers

1. Pale blue polka dot Christmas pudding jumper, £27.99 – New Look 

2. Red knitted jumper, £14.99 – H&M

3. Reindeer jumper, £35 – Phix

4. Father Christmas sweatshirt, £32 – Cath Kidston

5. Kana reindeer Christmas jumper, £16.99 – Missguided

6. Unisex blue reindeer knitted jumper, £39.99 – TruffleShuffle

7. Pink sequin snowflake sweater, £17.99 – New Look

8. Knitted stag crest jumper, £42 – Topshop

9. Roxy reindeer fairisle jumper, £15 – Boohoo

10. Mint green fluffy fairisle jumper, £27.99 – New Look

11. Knitted gingerbread man jumper, £42 – Topshop

12. Green reindeer print Christmas sweatshirt, £15 – Rokit



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