Beauty Review: Santa’s Lip Scrub

17 Dec

My lips get awfully dry and tight in the winter. With dead skin falling off likes leaves from the trees, it’s certainly not a good look as you pucker up under the mistletoe. However, yanking it off just results in more pain, blood and an unruly stinging sensation – not so good for mistletoe fun either. With my lips taking a battering from the cold and bitter winds, applying lipstick also becomes a nigh-on impossibility as it just highlights my crackling lips even more *sob*. Then, as I was attempting to start my Christmas shopping earlier this month, I found this little miracle – Santa’s Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics.

Santa's Lip Scrub

You dab a teeny amount of the sugar scrub on your lips and rub generously to exfoliate and smooth away any dry bits. Made with caster sugar, coconut oil and extracts of cherries and dates, you scrub and soften to reveal truly kissable Christmas lips.

The coarse sugar works to buff away dry skin on and around your lips and smooth out any lumps and bumps on the softer parts, perfect for treating areas where the weather has dehydrated them and leaving a perfect base for a thick layer of hydrating lip balm before you go to bed or just before you put on your lipstick so you don’t have any straggly bits for it to cling to.

The fizzy cola flavour tastes just like the sweet shop favourite and liking it off your lips is just as fun as applying it. It also comes topped with a few edible sugar hearts, which is a really cute addition.

Santa's Lip Scrub Hearts

This festive treat is a perfect stocking filler for all beauty junkies out there, or just the dry-lip-types too. I happen to be both so I think I’ll keep this as a little Christmas present for myself! At £5.50 a tub, it comes in at a reasonable price and, as you only need a teeny bit per use, it will last you for ages!

With Lush, you know you’re getting a reliable product that isn’t filled with any harsh chemicals or artificial crap. It’s all natural goodness. I can’t step foot in that shop without sniffing and ooing at all the amazing, innovative stuff they have on offer.

They also have a limited edition ‘Santa Baby’ – a gorgeous cherry red lip tint. It dries a nice matte shade meaning minimal smudging or wearing off. It is the ideal partnership to go with your new scrub or a great little gift set for a friend for just over £10.

Lush also do an array of other flavours too such as, Popcorn, Bubblegum and Mint Julips. They all smell good enough to eat and do a great job in creating soft, kissable lips. Time to pucker up!



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