Beauty: 5 Skincare Cult Classics

6 Feb

When it comes to skincare, there are a gargantuan amount of products out there. From anti-wrinkle busters to spot control creams, there seems to be a new must-have product that will solve all of your skin worries being introduced to us every day.

Whether it comes with flashy ads, Kate Moss as the ambassador or a quirky tag line – I’m only interested in products if they actually work. The best products out there are the ones that have stood the test of time.

Here are my top 5 skincare cult classics that do exactly what they say on the tin:

beauty skincarecult classics

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Developed in 1930, this moisturizer has a cult following all across the globe. The combination of petrolatum as a skin soothing beta-hydroxy and vitamin E possesses countless applications. It’s the all-in-one master product that soothes skinburn, hydrates chapped lips and restores skin to a healthy, soft and supple state. I normally apply this all over my face just before bed as I know it’ll get a chunky amount of time to soak into the skin and work its magic. FYI: The name is said to have come from a loyal client of Arden, who noticed the balm completely cleared up her child’s skinned knee in just eight hours.

2. Vaseline – Pure petroleum jelly.  A little pot of petroleum jelly will get you a long, long way. Vaseline acts as a protective barrier to keep dryness at bay to leave your skin supple all year round. This is a multi-purpose wonder too. You can add a little lip liner to make a nice lip gloss, you can run it through your hair to use as a gentle serum to tame stray-aways, you can use it as an eyebrow gel to keep your unruly brows in place and you can rub onto your eyelashes before bed to help promote growth in lash thickness and length. You can even mix it with your lipstick to create a cream blusher and it’s also said to maintain your perfume scent for longer when applied at perfume points pre-spritzing. A beauty essential.

beauty skincarecult classics

3. Sudocrem – Another tub of joy that needs no gimmicks or pretty colours to sell out worldwide. The product speaks for itself. Although sold in the baby section as a nappy rash cream it’s also one of the best healing creams for spots. Pop a smidgen of this onto your spot before bed and you’ll wake up spot-free. It helps to dry out the skin and draw moisture to the surface to help the skin with its natural healing process. It helps with soothing bites and burns and prevents infection too. If you’ve got an open wound – Sudocrem is always the answer.

4. Coco Butter – Body moisturisers come in all different forms – from lotions to creams to perfumed to tan-enhancing; there are a ridiculous amount of moisturisers out there. If you’re looking for a reputable moisturiser that can be used every day, all over your body, won’t break the bank and will simply leave your skin hydrated and moisturised, Palmer’s Cocoa butter is the only option. Enriched with vitamin E, the thick consistency smells divine and soaks into your skin almost instantly. Perfect for keeping your entire body nourished, feeling soft and looking great!

beauty skincarecult classics

5. Cetaphil – I have yet to find a dermatologist who doesn’t rave about Cetaphil’s soap-free, ultra-gentle cleanser and lightweight moisturising lotion that refuses to upset even the most sensitive of sensitive skins. Its ultra-mild, non-comedogenic formula is hydrating without pore-blocking. This acne specialist, medical-based moisturiser is non-greasy, non-irritating and long-lasting. Clinically proven to bind water to the skin to prevent moisture loss and help maintain skin’s natural protective barrier, this is perfect for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin types. to use pre-make-up application.

What are your skincare must-have’s that you cannot live without?



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