Beauty Review: GHD eclipse

4 Mar

ironing hair

Before the tender age of 11 my life consisted of one big BHD. What sat on my head was essentially one very large ball of un-tame-able  fluff which nobody knew what to do with. My life abruptly and dramatically changed when my sister introduced to me to the magical world of straighteners.

Every morning I would wake up, fill my straightening pod with water, ready for the steam to let loose and my hair to transform. I started with a trusty set by Babyliss which featured removable plates leaving you with a whole-host of groovy options. You could start the week off by having sleek and straight hair*, Tuesday you could have a crimped mane and Wednesday you could go for the wavy option (unfortunately they only had three plates so Thurs-Sun was repeated along the exact same lines).

Throughout my 12 years I have acquired a strong line of various forms of straightening irons but often found even after an hour of strenuous ironing work, as soon as I made my entrance into school, my hard work failed me and the straightened concealer started to wear off, revealing my true in-between state of hideous hair.

This took an all-time low when my sister and I thought it a great idea to rid ourselves of them pesky straighteners and just go full-throttle and take a domestic iron to our heads. In all, not advisable, within this frenzy I managed to singe off a good chunk off my beloved sister’s locks, burn her neck to the point of 20 year scarring and irreversibly, completely ruin every single strand of our hair.

It was only at 15 when my mum bought us a set of GHDs that I started to be at one with my hair. GHDs are truly heaven-sent. I was mesmerized, hooked, and in total awe of this wonder product as soon as I glided it down the shaft of my sorry hair. Wow-oh-wow, I am IN. LOVE.

From then on in those GHDs have been my best friend. I’m now 23 and after 8 years of partnership I thought it was time to see what had happened to the straightening world. After nearly a decade I ventured back into the unknown. I wasn’t going to be so silly as to not get some form of GHDs, I was certainly not ready to part with the idea of trying out a new brand, oh dear God no. So I went for the new GHD eclipse…

ghd eclipse review

On first inspection these futuristic set look and feel a lot nicer than my previous pair. But it all comes down to performance ‘ey ladies? We used to think performance was all down to a high heat but the geniuses (genii?) at GHD headquarters made a ground-breaking discovery. The optimum heat to deliver the best and fastest results is a temperature of just 185°C. So all those apparatus that use 200°C+ are literally doing no good to your hair whatsoever. GHD scientists have therefore developed a tri-zone technology to take hair styling into a new era. They claim it can radically transform even the most challenging hair, quickly and easily without turning up the heat. The 185°C temperature is maintained from the minute the light says go until you turn it off. Simply plug it in, hold down the ‘GHD’ button until the little tune sings, wait for the inner light to stop flashing and you’re ready to rock. It takes seconds. Perfect for a quick and easy transformation on a hungover Monday morning.

ghd eclipse review

Due to my history of hair abuse, I certainly was in desperate need of a straightening tool that can’t damage my hair even further. With the GHD eclipse I get a sleek and shinier mane in a matter of minutes, with the confidence that my hair is becoming stronger with each stroke. The styling effects last longer than my previous set and the added bonus of the curved design means you can use these to create loose curls too!

They glide though my hair seamlessly and pain-free and give it that unbeatable finish like no other can. I am addicted all over again. 

I’ve managed to burn window sills, bed sheets, carpets, dressing tables, chairs and so on and so fourth, with my straighteners. Luckily then, these come equipped with a heat-resistant plate guard so they can cool down safely and efficiently.

The eclipse is the biggest thing to happen in the straightening world since the original GHD so I would thoroughly recommend the purchase. Bite the bullet and try something new. Your hair will thank you for it and it will certainly pay off.

Stylemaker, rulebreaker, gamechanger.

*kind of



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