Craft: DIY vintage teacup candles

6 Mar

teacup candles

Hello. My name’s Alice and I am a hoarder.
If I step into a charity shop I undoubtedly exit with some more trinkets I don’t actually need but have a wicked compulsion to collect (case in point my growing collection of miss matched teacups and saucers..)
I love vintage teacups, I tend to justify collecting them so I can throw afternoon teas parties but more often than not they sit neglected and dusty amongst my other bits and pieces.
So, to cheer up my old china I decided to give it a new life as teacup candles! It’s surprisingly easy and quick. You’ll just need the following:
– candle wax (500g was enough for 3 candles)
– pre dipped wicks (available here)
– a double boiler (two saucepans will do!)
– old teacups
Firstly, choose your teacups. I went for mismatched patterns as I wanted mine to be a little eclectic and extra vintage-like.
Now, take your candle wicks and attach them to the teacup base so they don’t wiggle around when your pour in the wax (I just used a dab of super glue).
Leave them on some newspaper ( psst..check out the hotties to the right!)  and start melting the wax. I used a double boiler method (quarter/half fill a saucepan with water and place a slightly smaller saucepan over the top, it’s the same method you’d use to melt chocolate) keep an eye on the hot wax as it melts, then, once it has turned to liquid,  you’re ready to rock!
Pour into the teacups and then just leave them to set. Easy-peasy!
You may find the wax dries with a slight well in the centre, if this happens prick holes a few centimetres deep into the wax around the wick and just pour over some more melted wax to level them off and leave to dry again.
Once fully dried you’re all done! It’s a really fun, easy and effective DIY project. You can be more creative with it by adding different colours and fragrances into the wax for a more personal touch. The teacups and saucers look so pretty against the white backdrop of my room and gives it a brand new lease of life. These are also ideal Mother’s Day gifts, wedding favours or stocking fillers and cost next to nothing to make! Hurrah!

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