Fashion Basics

Fashion is…

THE WORD: My love of fashion and beauty drives from the fact that looking good makes you feel good. However, the term ‘fash.ion‘ (noun)  is frustrating. People think that if something is deemed ‘fashionable’ it automatically secures them success in the style war, but no, you have to dress in the way that benefits you. Whether that means expression, art, tribute, release, highlighting your assets, accentuating your figure, having fun, or even practicality (shock horror). If you get benefit out of your clothes, wear them, if you don’t, bin them. FACT – larger ladies won’t look good in ‘fashionable’ crop tops, tall women won’t benefit from this season’s chunky platform wedges, and no-one looks good in those apparent ‘must-have’ Ugg boots. Fashion is what you make it, not just simply clothes which institutions tell you to wear. Forced fashion isn’t fashion.

DESIGNER/EXPENSIVE CLOTHES:  expensive top + designer jeans = fashionable. Fashion isn’t a result of wearing the latest must-have shirt and pairing it with ‘the hottest thing this season’ skirt, it’s SO much more than that. I know many people who buy ridiculously expensive top-of-the-budget clothes and think that because it’s got a designer label then they can be legitimately categorised under the umbrella, fashionable. No. No, no no. Fashion comes from style. Knowing what goes with which. Your wardrobe can be full of designer outfits and can be worth more than my car, doesn’t mean you look good. Style is about the ability to be able to find a needle in the haystack in terms of sniffing out good choices for you. It’s about putting together pieces which co-ordinate and complement each other, if your Tesco shoes that you bought in the sale (£7)  look good with the most expensive dress you’ve ever owned (£3,700), then put them together. There are no rules.

CHEAP/SALES: Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. A bargain is only a bargain if you would buy, or at least consider buying, the item at full price/ a higher price. If you’re only buying it because it’s cheap, don’t buy it. You need to love your clothes.

All in all, don’t buy clothes just because they’re expensive and think you’ll look good. But don’t buy clothes just because they are cheap. Buy clothes that you like. If you like them, you’ll enjoy wearing them. And with that, style is born.

And if you need some more help, read my little blog :)


2 Responses to “Fashion Basics”

  1. Sarah May 22, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Amen! I hate it when people think that brands equal style.


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