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Craft: DIY vintage teacup candles

6 Mar

teacup candles

Hello. My name’s Alice and I am a hoarder.
If I step into a charity shop I undoubtedly exit with some more trinkets I don’t actually need but have a wicked compulsion to collect (case in point my growing collection of miss matched teacups and saucers..)
I love vintage teacups, I tend to justify collecting them so I can throw afternoon teas parties but more often than not they sit neglected and dusty amongst my other bits and pieces.
So, to cheer up my old china I decided to give it a new life as teacup candles! It’s surprisingly easy and quick. You’ll just need the following:
– candle wax (500g was enough for 3 candles)
– pre dipped wicks (available here)
– a double boiler (two saucepans will do!)
– old teacups
Firstly, choose your teacups. I went for mismatched patterns as I wanted mine to be a little eclectic and extra vintage-like.
Now, take your candle wicks and attach them to the teacup base so they don’t wiggle around when your pour in the wax (I just used a dab of super glue).
Leave them on some newspaper ( psst..check out the hotties to the right!)  and start melting the wax. I used a double boiler method (quarter/half fill a saucepan with water and place a slightly smaller saucepan over the top, it’s the same method you’d use to melt chocolate) keep an eye on the hot wax as it melts, then, once it has turned to liquid,  you’re ready to rock!
Pour into the teacups and then just leave them to set. Easy-peasy!
You may find the wax dries with a slight well in the centre, if this happens prick holes a few centimetres deep into the wax around the wick and just pour over some more melted wax to level them off and leave to dry again.
Once fully dried you’re all done! It’s a really fun, easy and effective DIY project. You can be more creative with it by adding different colours and fragrances into the wax for a more personal touch. The teacups and saucers look so pretty against the white backdrop of my room and gives it a brand new lease of life. These are also ideal Mother’s Day gifts, wedding favours or stocking fillers and cost next to nothing to make! Hurrah!

Crafts: Upcycling Old Shoes

12 Nov


An accident can only be deemed an accident if the perpetrator was unintentional in her actions, and this, by all accounts, was an accident. The story begins.


My Mum and I were shopping in an outlet store and she lovingly bought me these gorgeous pair of shoes which were originally £45 but were now down to just £8, and they were in my size – it was meant to be. My Mum cannot resist a bargain and she proceeded to the checkout to buy me them (yay!).

I’ve worn them a fair few times now and, since then, I have amassed my nude shoe collection to double figures.

I’ve got a whole host of shoes in various colours but fail to own a pair of reds.

I wanted some cherry coloured heels for the festive period that is about to ensue but 1. I haven’t found any that are of particular presence that make me want to part with my money, and 2. I don’t want to spend much money as, being on the countdown to Christmas means budgets are tighter. So, what’s a girl to do?

Rather than splurging out on some shoes that, let’s face it, I will only wear once. I decided to upcycle a pair of my favourite shoes I already own. Out of the ridiculous amount of shoes I own, these nude shoes were to be perfect for my upcycling adventure.

I bought this red leather dye off Amazon for around £3 and began to paint my way into Dorothy heaven.


Now, I am a very clumsy person. If you hand me a drink or a plate of food, there’s a 1 in 3 chance I will spill it, everywhere. I have been ‘told off’* for spilling the likes of curry sauce and baked-bean juice, leaving my straighteners on to burn through the carpet, and subsequently the window cill, popping the wrapper of a strawberry ice pole on the floor to see it leak everywhere, iron my way through the dinner table and more recently, letting candle wax melt its way into the cream carpet fibres.

So, why did I decide to dye my nude shoes bright red without any protection in my room? I have NO idea. It was only a matter of time.

First off, you clean your shoes with the handy sponge provided. Then, you simply paint the red dye all over the surface of the shoes. Once dry, you then paint on a second coat. It dries really, really quickly so it takes no time at all.


All went swimmingly, up to this point.

It states, ‘Further coats may be necessary on some of the lighter colours’. I didn’t know if that meant lighter coloured dye or lighter coloured shoes. So, I just went for it and thought a third coat would do no harm.

It did.

Upon beginning my third coat of painting, disaster struck. No, a blob of paint did not fall off the end of the brush onto the carpet. The entire contents of the bottle did.


OH F*CK!!!!!

My Mum is a loving gal but she is going to actually murder me.

We’re currently in the midst of trying to sell our house so everything has to be spick and span for any visitors or potential buyers. So, normally she would be mad at me, but in this current situation she will be beyond crazy.

I knew my painting story was too good to be true. Will I ever learn my lesson?

I tried all manner of things to get the RED DYE that dries REALLY, REALLY QUICKLY, out of the CREAM carpet. Nothing was working – funny that.

My boyfriend is now in on the act of trying to save my carpet and my sorry little ass. We speed to Tesco and buy this, which was soon to become, my hero, my saviour, my God of all Gods.


I squirted it all over the scene of the crime and, true to word, the red stain vanished. Mum is still none-the-wiser, until she reads this, of course. – I love you Mum.

Safe to say, I finished the paint job downstairs with all my favourite magazines scattered across the entire floor acting as little crash mats for every single drop of paint that couldn’t hack it anymore.

Was it worth it? Well, considering I chose to dye my old shoes red rather than buying new red shoes to cut costs, I ended up spending £8 – the total that my Mum bought the original shoes for. 

However, this vanish number, for £5, is a pretty sound investment for me. God only knows when my next accident will occur but now I have this little hunk stored under my bed for any emergencies.

Luckily, we might be moving house, and the room that I will be in has bright red carpet. At first I thought this was garish and ghastly but now the beauty of it is shining through.

If you are more careful than me and don’t have to fork out for stain removers then yes, it is worth it.


After my stressful ordeal, I have indeed now got myself some spangly new shoes to wear at the Christmas parties. What do you think?

*Yes, I’m 23 and I still get ‘told off’.


Crafts: Homemade Rings

21 May

Wrapped around your little finger.

Making rings is incredibly easy and quick! It’s also pretty darn fun, not to mention cheap. So, I decided to delve into my craft box and show you a popular DIY of mine for my very first craft post.

Firstly, decide what centrepiece takes your fancy.

I found this gorgeous vintage brooch on eBay and I just had to have it. Beatrix Potter was always  a childhood favourite of mine so this unique Jemima Puddle-duck piece definitely had my name on.


I also saw this teeny-tiny Coco Chanel perfume bottle sold as supplies for dolls house miniatures and I knew it would look just fabulous on my fingers.


Then just grab some rings blanks, and a strong craft glue.


All you have to do now is simply dab the glue onto the ring and hold the centrepiece into place until secure and leave to dry.


Then that is it, you’re all done. You are now the owner, and creator, of two gorgeous new rings within a matter of minutes. Cute and original. What do you think?









This is such a quick project and they make great novelty gifts (if you can bear to part with them!) If you want to source some other fun miniatures yourselves try checking out dolls house supplies as there are so many options and they are the perfect dimensions for rings! You can literally make anything into a ring; brooches, buttons, coins, sweets, you name it. You see something you like, stick a ring on it, and show it off to the world. We all know the famous ‘saying’*, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it”.

I hope you try them. Tweet me your pictures if you do, I’d love to see them! ♥

*Yes, a Beyoncé lyric is a saying. That girl speaks so much sense.