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Fashion: SS14 I Want Candy!

26 Mar


Spring – t’is the season to be jolly. You may think that absurd or damn right rude of me to say such a thing post December but hear me out. We’ve said a fine farewell to Santa and the Christmas stresses for another year, we’ve forgotten about our unobtainable New Year’s resolutions and we’ve managed to finally peel ourselves off the sofa after we super-glued ourselves there with a tub of ice-cream and a Bridget Jones DVD as we sobbed away through our lonely Valentine’s Day. The celebrations are over. Thank the Lord. Spring is the time when we can actually look ahead to the future without any stress endured. The flowers are beginning to blossom, the birds are singing again and we no longer have to choose substance over style in our fashion line-up. This season is all about new beginnings so spring clean your wardrobe with some fresh, crisp hues using a bright and varied colour palette.

pastels fashionThis season it’s all about the sweet scent of pastel fumes. Mint green, candy floss pink, lemon sherbet yellow, blueberry muffin; colours that look so good that they ooze the joy of sweet-shop-shopping.

Pastel colours are fun and feminine without being garish or loud. It softens your look and embodies the spirit of spring. Fresh, clean and energetic whilst being delicate and soothing; pastel colours are a must have for your s/s14 wardrobe. So, rid yourself of those bulky brown knits and black leather jackets and replace with cute pastel dresses ready for sun-drenched summer days spent in daisy fields.


From the catwalks to the high-street, pastel colours are hot this season. Calm blues, delicate violets and warm greys paired with pretty lace and sheer fabrics create that overall sense of ladylike chic. Burberry Prorsum’s entire s/s14 collection is candy coloured and embellished with layers upon layers of structured sheers, creating a dreamy display of a sweet wrapper encased model army. We can’t talk pastel shades without mentioning Christopher Kane. His gorgeous mix of parma violet hues, metallic shines and spring themed statement sweatshirts with the words ‘petal’ and ‘flower’, are pretty and seductive. Topshop have a great collection of pale tones that can be worn from day through to night. Their satin camis are the perfect match for delicate pastels; even their denim has had a candy makeover. Sweet-shop-chic doesn’t just stop at clothing this spring. Re-vamp your accessories with light, bright hues. The Cambridge Satchel Company have a gorgeous turquoise coloured Chelsea bag, aptly named ‘sweet pea’, while Nails Inc. have a limited edition Ice Cream and Sprinkles collection for a delicious way to finish off your dainty new look. Failing that, you can always pop down to your local sweet shop and grab yourself a candy necklace for a fashionable way to treat yourself this season.

Colourful, pastel sweet-shop shades are calming yet energising; the perfect way to begin your spring. Feel refreshed, look cute and leap into the season with a sprinkle of true festive joy for it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Mini Satchel Bag – Asos
2. Tea Cup Necklace – Clothes Lounge
3. Pastel Nail Polishes – Nails Inc
4. Pink Watch – Asos
5. Broken Heart Charm Earrings – Asos
6. Floral Tea Dress – Marks and Spencer
7. Beige Fedora – River Island
8. Multi-Coloured Sandals – Faith
9. Blue Satchel – Cambridge Satchel Company



What I Wore: Casual Weekend Wear

17 Jan


For casual weekend wear comfy jeans are a must. Topshop Leigh jeans are my all-time fave. They’re skinny, soft and fit perfectly. They also come in tons of shades and styles so I have an endless supply of options.

I teamed them with this gorgeous mint green top from The CityRack. I love the delicate colour and the chiffon like fabric feels amazing on my skin. I’m forever buying plain-Jane tops as they can be worn with anything to create different effects time and time again. But this one has added mesh stripes to give it that extra oomph of detail.

For me leather means black, from boots to biker jackets, black is the only way to go. However, when this cream alternative was posted through my door by the lovely people at TCR I was astounded. Never before had I thought leather could work so well with any other colour. I do feel like I’m betraying my trusty blacks but this is a welcome refreshment for the zesty spring days ahead.

I’m a sucker for a bargain. I didn’t need anything for Christmas, so I most definitely didn’t need anything after Christmas but ‘need’ and ‘want’ are two very, very different things. When I saw these gorgeous suede boots from H&M reduced to a mere £7 from £35 I just had to have them. Perfect for day or night, these are a great investment piece – black boots will never go out of fashion – well that’s what I told myself anyway. I also bought a heap load of other unnecessary but had-to-have stuff in the January sales – I’ll show you more of my buys soon :)


January Blues

13 Jan

The second Monday morning in January. Christmas is long-gone, there’s no excuse to eat chocolate at 10am or open the bottle of Baileys at 11am; the frosty cars, snowy rooftops and icy roads no longer have that festive feel without the reflection of the sparkling lights glistening from the decorative houses; and our bank balances are looking a little wounded and traumatised from the end of year attack. The optimistic resolutions made a mere 12 days ago have already been slaughtered and fully dismissed and we’ve succumbed to the reality of normality with very little to look forward to. It’s no wonder they call January the most depressing month of all, *sigh*.

Feeling the force of the January blues? Fear not – fashion can help you get through it all; fashion can help you get through anything.  A new year lends itself to a new wardrobe and this month it’s all about grabbing those January blues by the balls and working it. From interiors to the catwalks, this season it’s all about pastel shades. We’ve created a gallery of gorgeous blueberry hues that are anything but miserable and leave you feeling refreshed, looking great and totally ready for the year ahead.

See – January blues aren’t always a bad thing!:


Pastel Blue/Pale Blue/Light Blue

1. Alarm Clock – Laura Ashley

2. Earrings – Asos

3. Jug – The Oak Tree and Acorn Company 

4. Double breasted coat – Miss Selfridge 

5. Shirt – Topshop 

6. Bralet – Topshop

7. Knickers – Topshop 

8. Cushion cover – Cath Kidston 

9. Ankle socks – Topshop

10. Illamasqua nail varnish – Debenhams 

11. Satchel – The Cambridge Satchel Company

12. Watch – Asos


Fashion: Christmas Wish List

25 Nov

Today is exactly one month until Christmas Day so it’s time to start thinking about what  gifts you’re going to buy people and, more importantly, what you’re going to put on your letter to Santa. I’ve come up with my own little wish list to motivate and inspire you all to get into the Christmas spirit..

Christmas wish list for girls

1. Pastel blue knitted angora cable jumper – Topshop
I love this jumper, it’s snuggly and warm and comes in my fave colour of the moment. I’d wear this with a crisp white shirt underneath, some skinny jeans and a pair of suede, stone coloured ankle boots.

2. Woodland hummingbird bracelet watch – Olivia Burton
I’m a huge fan of Olivia Burton watches – they’re vintage looking and super cute. Their a/w winter range is full of signature British style, featuring on-trend oversized dials, antique animal motifs and moody florals.

3. Heart ring – Asos
Big rings are out; small, cute rings are in. This heart ring is really dainty and delicate and is a complete bargain at only £6!

4. Pale pink crombie coat – Primark
Ok, so you can’t purchase this number online but it’s definitely worth battling the madness of a scrabbling Primark store. The hustle and bustle can be over-bearing but you need to stay strong because you will not find this season’s must-have pastel pink oversized coat anywhere else for just £32.

5. Ceramic rabbit ring dish – Not on the high street
Got all the rings but nowhere to store them? This gorgeous rabbit ring dish is perfect for guarding your jewellery. Notonthehighstreet have loads of great gift ideas for all the family so it’s worth popping onto their website for some new and unique presents.

6. Bunny mittens – Topshop
These cute little bunny mittens are ideal for keeping your hands nice and toasty this winter – a great stocking filler for any girl.

7. Sunny satchel – Accessorize 
Mint is another of my fave colours and is set to be huge next spring so get ahead of the fashion pack in this classic satchel bag. The box design and the gold lock fastening gives this piece a vintage feel and will brighten up any of your everyday outfits.

8. Season of peace candle – Yankee Candle
I always look forward to the Christmas collection from Yankee Candle. This one smells fresh and pure but, I have to be honest, I love them all! Snow in love, Christmas cookie and red apple wreath are also among my faves!

9. Fashion addict print oversized t-shirt – River Island
This laid-back oversized tee is perfect for wintery days spent close by the fire. I love slogan print tops and this one has my name written all over it.

10. Nail polish in ‘bashful’ – Topshop
I have loads of nail polishes but this icy blue one is yet to venture into my collection. I can’t wait to give it a go and wear with all my new pastel shades.

11. Leather chelsea ankle boots – Asos
Chelsea boots are classic and timeless – they are a winter staple and will never go out of fashion. These navy coloured chelsea boots give a great, modern twist to a classic heritage style. Another bargain at only £50.


Fashion: Why Pay More?

14 Nov

money falling

The best/worst thing about fashion is that it changes so darn quickly. One minute the coolest thing to hold your packed lunch and Pepsi pencil case in is an inflatable bubble bag – you know the ones I mean, don’t pretend you don’t – and then the next second it’s away with the bubbles and it’s all about the Nike drawstrings. Fast forward post-90’s era and we’re in the same situation. Jeggings? Once everywhere, now nowhere, High-waisted belts? Were all the rage, now de-trending, Patterned tights? Once we couldn’t get enough, now they’re back to being limited to the under 8’s. So, fashion has a cycle. One minute it’s ‘in’, then it’s not, then it’s quirky, edgy, a bit ‘different’ and ‘random’, then it’s high-fashion, then it’s ‘in’ (mainstream), then it’s not… you get the picture.

It is for this reason that I flat out refuse to part with my heard-earned cheddar on something that will go out of fashion a couple of weeks down the road and I’m left with a choker tattoo necklace that I either dispose of quickly or hold onto for a number of years in the hope that it’ll come back ‘in’ – can’t see that one happening myself.

Anyway, so, chunky watches with a patterned face are ‘in’ at the minute- well, they are for me at least. Although some people see their watch as an investment – something simply to be worn every day to tell you the time, for me, a watch is just part of my jewellery collection. It could say the wrong time and it wouldn’t matter – it’s more of an accessory than a time-piece. I don’t wear it to tell the time; only to complement and complete my outfit.

This one is from Urban Outfitters for £26. Okay, so it’s not a Rolex, it won’t break the bank, but if we factor in the fashion cycle and then add to that the fact that if it doesn’t go out of fashion for a while, I’ll still quickly get bored of it and throw it to the back of the wardrobe for it never to be seen again anyway, as well as the fact that I’m not too bothered about a watch actually telling the correct time, could I  really warrant spending £26 on myself pre-Christmas on something that may not even last me the entire season? It’s worth noting too that to get this watch delivered (we don’t have an Urban Outfitters in Peterborough) would cost, at least, £3.99.

Urban Outfitters Map Watch

Whilst trawling through eBay for some cake tins I got distracted. Well, I say ‘distracted’, I did type ‘globe watch’ into the search tab. – “Hmm I’ll just see what they’ve got” –  this, more often than not, astonishes me with how many results come up and I’m that fascinated that I type in more and more items using the same thought process so that my entire afternoon has completely evaporated.

I came across this watch for just £3 including postage and packaging – barg! I clicked ‘buy it now’ instantly. Although it’s not completely identical to the Urban Outfitters version, it’s just perfect for me. I could definitely warrant spending £3 on a watch. If it breaks, if it is strays out of fashion, if I dislike it by the end of the week – at least I only paid £3 on it rather than £26+£3.99. I also genuinely prefer it to the pricier number. The only major  difference about this watch compared to the Urban Outfitters version is that they’ve decided not to add the stitching to the leather strap.

£26 may not be a lot of money in the first place but think of it this way, you’re offered Buxton water for £2.60 plus 40p to get it delivered or you can have Tesco Own water for just 30p – what you gonna go for? If you said the former, more fool you.

This watch was made in China but you can bet your bottom dollar that the pricier one was too and therefore cost roughly the same to make. The eBay company that I bought my watch off are clearly making a profit by selling it at £3 a pop so it makes you wonder how much the big dogs are making when they’re selling a similar item for almost 10 times the price.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. The look and feel of it is not dissimilar to the big brand names. It’s subtle and vintage-looking and gives my outfit that little extra oomph, and for £3 – everyone’s a winner, baby.

map watch

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, just sometimes, you want the real McCoy, the full shebang, and it pays off to pay more. If you asked for a Pandora bracelet, you bloomin’ well want a Pandora bracelet not a knock-off, or if you’ve asked for GHD’s you most certainly do not want a pair of Babyliss’, and when you want a Mac, only a Mac will do. But then there’s other times when that something you want is quite generic and broad that a cheaper alternative is exactly what you need, so, why pay more when you don’t have to?

eBay is bombarded with stuff; it’s always worth typing in that search tab just to see if they’ve got what you’re looking for! You’ll be surprised, and most probably, hooked!


What I Wore: Sunday Best

18 Oct

What I wore: Sunday Best

Weekend shopping with my boyfriend in Primark. He spots this blouse: “Christ! My Nan would wear something like that.” Me: “Ooo I quite like it actually.” Here’s where our fashion differences begin. More often than not if he goes out of his way to say how utterly disgusting a garment is, I will indefinitely purchase said garment. Not to be ‘different’ or to ‘prove or point’ but he genuinely picks out nice clothes – that he doesn’t think are nice. Nonetheless, he does buy me great Christmas and Birthday presents with little help.  Okay, a lot of help.

I’m so glad the ladylike preppy/ posh/ prim and proper look is back. The vintage, retro, church-goer style is my all-time fave. Elegant, sophisticated and stylish without being too flamboyant, slutty, OTT or just plain weird.

I decided to layer this gorgeous flower printed chiffon blouse over a plain white vest and tuck into this navy pleated skirt. I’ve always wanted a skirt like this; simple, pretty, can be dressed-up or dressed-down and it’s so darn swishy (yep definitely a word).

Casio watch silver and purpleAll about the accessories.

I have fallen in love with my new hat. I seem to always buy hats and then they end up at the back of my wardrobe gathering dust, but this one is staying firmly on my head for the foreseeable. For some reason black bowler hats make me look a bit too Pete Doherty-esque so I really like the deep navy colour of this one and, paired with this navy bag, you can’t ever say my outfit doesn’t co-ordinate.

What I really like about this bag is that it you can wear it over your shoulder with the long strap or clip it off and use the black woven handles and pop it on your arm like a right old granny/Victoria Beckham.  I also like that they’ve put black and navy together. Where’s the rule book that says black and navy can’t be seen together? I’m wearing black shoes and black tights with a navy skirt here and I think it works. What a rebel.

To finish off the look I’m wearing my favourite Casio watch. Casio watches are all the rage again but this silver one with a purple/burgundy face is just a little different from the rest. The best thing about this watch is not only does it show the date, have a stopwatch, have an alarm and tell the time but it only costs £13.75 (RRP £27.50) from The Watch Hut! However, it’s the wrist strap that won it for me. Ah the wrist strap. I have peculiarly small wrists so finding a watch that fits and is not a ‘My Little Pony’ version is some-what tricky. If I find a watch I like, I can guarantee it will not fit so I then have to have links taken out or punch another hole in it so it doesn’t fall off and smack me in the chops as I’m waving goodbye to my Mum. With this watch simply pop the clip open, slide down to the desired position and clip into place. Perfect no matter what your wrist stature. I also like that it’s a ‘mini’ version meaning the watch face is slightly smaller so it doesn’t eclipse my entire arm.  This watch will go with all my outfits and, as you can see, I’m wearing this SILVER watch with a shirt, bag and shoes that all have GOLD detailing. I repeat: What. A. Rebel.

Alice Bryan Fashion Beauty and Style Blog

Blouse and Skirt – Primark
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Bag – The CityRack
Hat – H&M
Watch – The Watch Hut


Fashion: What’s age got to do with it?

1 Oct

Why Age Doesn’t Matter to Fashion.


CarmenDellOrefice_Rouge_ 2

Carmen Dell’Orefice, 82, World’s Oldest Working Model.

Art is about what is perceived, not the age of the perceiver and this is no different in the world of fashion. With the scurry of the major fashion houses showcasing their new stock all across the world for various fashion weeks, we are all reminded that you can take what is displayed on the catwalks one of two ways; literally and inspirationally. The older we get, the more our taste in fashion changes. From our teenage rebellious years, through to our working lives; there are many changes to be made.

But is there? Who says just because we are 70 means we now have to like knitted jumpers, pleated dresses and permed hair? This whole age appropriate thing is a strange one. Yes, if I saw my Granny in a leather mini skirt and a lace bralet twerking to a Miley Cyrus track I would be concerned. But why? I should only be concerned because my Granny doesn’t like Miley Cyrus not because she is 76. Just because we get older doesn’t mean our personality changes so why should we be conformed to staying within the confines of age appropriate dressing? If fashion is all about expressing yourself why does that suddenly stop come 60? People state there’s no age limit to fashion yet there’s thousands of advice columns in the fashion magazines stating what to wear ‘for 20s’, ‘for 30s’, for 40s’ etc. So, we are bound by fashion to our age – so there is an age limit?


When you think of  a ‘granny’. This is most likely the sort of image that you will think of. My granny looks similar, as does my boyfriend’s granny, my best friend’s granny. In fact, most grannies I know look like this. So is this art imitating life or life imitating art? Do grannies look like this because they feel they have to?

pink coats

I understand that what a 3-year-old can wear is different to a 13-year-old which is different to a 23, 33, 43 and 53, and so on but we can all wear the same trends in various ways. For instance, the pink coat. A 3-year-old can wear a Peppa Pig one, 13-year-old can go with a bomber, 23 go for the pink leather, 33 the oversized blazer, etc. It’s the same trend just worn differently. But here, yet again, we are faced with confinements. Oh sh*t I’m 32 can I get away with the leather pink or do I have to go for the oversized blazer? Wear what you want! I’m 23 but I would prefer to wear the oversized blazer so that’s what I will wear. If you’re 73 and want a Peppa Pig one – why bloomin’ not? (Although you would probably have to have it custom-made.)

The media are constantly picking on older celebrities for either looking old (highlighting wrinkles on Kate Moss’ face) or for wearing inappropriate clothing and not dressing their age (Madonna and her leotards). So what are we to do? Embrace our age and be scrutinised for looking old or discourage the aging process and try to look younger but then be scrutinised for not looking our age?

old v young

Fashion. It’s all about looking good. I’ve said it time and time again; we can go on about statement-making clothes but really, we just want to look nice. So that’s the bottom line. If you put on a mini skirt and you look good – f*cking wear it. If you don’t – don’t. And it’s not even about looking good. It’s about feeling good. People will bitch about you, the media will enforce restraints and there will always be this social ideology of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but that will always be the case, no matter what. So wear what you feel confident in. There aren’t shouldn’t be any rules in fashion.

helen mirren

Helen Mirren. Now that’s my girl. She’s 68. She’s not aiming to look 28 nor is she surrendered to conforming to traditional 68 year-old ways. She has pink hair, has a tattoo, appeared nude in films, wears stripper heels and looks amazing. She’s not even trying to make a statement, she does what she wants and it pays off.

If you’ve always been drab in fashion, stay drab, that’s you, if you’ve always been vibrant, stay vibrant. Age shouldn’t change the person you are. The line shouldn’t be between young and old. “if you’re young you can wear vibrant and if you’re old you should wear dull”. – complete nonsense. Old age makes no difference to your personality or choice of outfit – once a bore, always a bore, once a sparkler, always a sparkler.

Although the Channel 4 documentary ‘Fabulous Fashionistas’ attempted to show that older people can, do, and should, still have an interest in fashion. It highlighted the fact that this is still out of the ordinary and therefore should be documented. The six women featured have always had the same personality; they thrive on life, enjoy fashion and are a bit quirky, but it’s only now that it’s deemed ‘odd’ just because they are ‘old’. They are inspirational not because they wear ‘outrageous’ clothes but because they’ve stayed the person that they have always been and that is a lot trickier the older we get.  Their zest for life and their determination to stay true to themselves is an inspiration to any generation.

So, 900 words later. What have we learnt? To be yourself, to do what you want and not be confined or defined by your age.

Art is not about what is perceived. Who cares about the perceiver? Art is about creation regardless of the age of the creator.