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Beauty Review: bareMinerals Prime Time

24 Jan

Primers are those secretive little creatures that many have heard of but few know their intentions. I’ve only recently been introduced to the primer world and my oh my what a wonderful world it is.

You may think it a gimmicky, nonsense tool conjured up by the beauty companies for you to part with yet more of your pennies pounds on purchasing yet more make-up products. I thought the same, until I tried it out.

I’ve tried some 2-in-1 type primers before; where you get a foundation or a serum which includes a primer base within it but it wasn’t until I went the whole hog that I realised the true benefit of these curious critters.

I heard some great reviews for bareMinerals Prime Time so popped it on my Christmas wish list. Luckily, Santa my sister listened and I received a whole host of make-up goodies on 25th December including the gorgeous little black box of magic.
bareMinerals Foundation Primer Review

I tried it out straight away on Christmas morning. After the daily routine of cleansing, applying eye cream and moisturising I then delved into the teeny package. I really like the pump bottle of this product. One full pump is all you need for a complete, even layer for your entire face and neck. So, you know you’re using the right amount each and every time. No wasters here!

The texture is silky smooth and ultra-lightweight. It’s a creamy, serumy consistency that isn’t sticky or greasy and soaks into your skin quickly.

Once applied, you won’t see a huge, if any, difference to your skin. It’s only when you then apply your foundation that the true magic of this beauty bottle appears like a genie from the lamp.

With Prime Time you need a lot less foundation than you used to. A little smidgen of foundation goes a long way thanks to the silky base. Your foundation appears a lot more smoother and diminishes dryness, fine lines, blemishes and excess oil.

The pink, almost glittery colour exemplifies the true meaning of the ‘light-reflecting particles’ phrase so many beauty companies try and fob you off with. It really shines through to create a bright, healthy-looking glow. It helps to create a more natural look whilst simultaneously helps to cover up blemishes and dark circles more easily.

As with all bareMinerals products, it’s a mineral based formula meaning it doesn’t sit heavily on your skin and lasts a heck of a lot longer than most other brands.

bareMinerals Foundation Primer Review

Although small, it’ll last a lifetime*. I’ve used this most days since Christmas and it still feels pretty full.

It really is foundation’s long-lost soulmate. I don’t know how I every coped without it before now. I will never use foundation without using primer first, and that is a vow. Think of them as Richard and Judy, Ant and Dec, Hayley and Roy, Leon and June (you know, off Gogglebox); one simply doesn’t exist without the other by its side.

* Ok, well not exactly a lifetime, but a really, really long time.



Beauty Review: E.l.f

8 Dec

Eyes lips face, or Elf cosmetics as it’s known, is an affordable online make-up brand. Although it’s based in New York, it has now reached international success, largely due to their website.

The inexpensive cosmetics line claims to sell high-quality products for a fraction of the price. So I put it to the test.

Benefit’s She Laq is a make-up miracle. I included it as one of my fashion and beauty essentials because I can literally not live without it.  If I didn’t have this beauty wonder, I would simply, point-blank refuse to put eye shadow on. You brush the magic little potion onto your eye-lids, leave to dry, and then apply your eye shadow. And that’s it, you are set for the day knowing at no point will your eye shadow run, fade, crease or disappear. It’ll be with you ’til the bitter end. Sadly, for some profound reason they have decided to discontinue this genius product. So, after hunting high and low for a replacement, I found this. And at £3.75 it’s more than £15 cheaper than Benefit’s so I gave it a go.

Elf Makeup Lock & Seal

True to word, this elf number is eye shadows’ little helper.

Unlike She Laq you apply the Makeup Lock and Seal on top of your eye shadow (alternatively, you can mix it in with the eye shadow but I prefer the former). When I first applied the product it stung – it really, really stung – so beware not to get it into your eye. It is a lot more watery and a lot less sticky than She Laq. I applied it onto black eye shadow first thing in the morning to monitor the staying power easily. It did keep my eye shadow on all day without much creasing, smudging or fading. However, because you apply it on top, or with, your eye shadow, it is a lot harder to use multiple colours. Although it’s certainly not as good as She Laq, it’s a very good alternative, and comes at a bargain price. Unlike She Laq it also increases the intensity of your makeup colours. Black eye shadow sometimes becomes a lot greyer when applied to the skin. Once you brush this over the top it instantly becomes jet black again, more exaggerated, defined and extreme. It dries really quickly and makes my eye shadow stay put. I’m so happy I’ve found an alternative, now I can wear eye shadows again!

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream

One thing I hate about bronzers is that most contain shimmer/glitter which isn’t needed when you’re trying to create a contouring effect and only attracts unwanted attention to something that is meant to be an illusion. When I saw this contouring set I immediately hit the purchase button. They have two palette options; I went for the St. Lucia colour.

The bronzer is completely matte and creates that perfect shadowiness you need to create the effect of more defined cheekbones.  The cream is so much better than any other powders I’ve used. As you apply it with your fingers you can actually feel precisely where the hallows of cheeks are and therefore where best to apply it. It’s also so much easier to blend and build coverage, and you only need a smidgen to create a big effect – so this will last forever! The pinkier blush is to be applied on the apples of your cheeks and it subtly brightens up your face, creates further dimensions, and develops a healthier glow. For just £3.75, this is a makeup must-have – I love it!

Elf All Over Cover Stick

This All Over Cover-Stick is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It only costs £1.50 so it’s still a true budget buy.  It’s way too thick to be used all-over as a foundation but it’s not light enough to conceal and highlight the under-eye area (I went for the lightest shade too). It’s more for larger problematic areas of the face you want to camouflage. It smells gorgeous and is really smooth and creamy but doesn’t blend too well and can stick to blemishes rather than hide them. It looks quite cakey and sits on the skin rather than sinks into it. For a better effect mix it with a serum or moisturiser on your hand and then apply for a silkier finish.

Overall, elf is full of gorgeous little creatures that give a great helping hand in your makeup routine. To visit the website just click here.


Beauty Review: Eyelashes

23 Apr

Emphasize the eyes.

Many women seek to enhance their eyelash length, and do so daily, as part of their everyday make-up routine. This all stems from the fact that long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures.

There are an extensive range of cosmetic procedures which all aim to lengthen your eyelashes.


Most popular is the trusted mascara providing a formula which may darken, thicken, lengthen, curl, and/or define the eyelashes. Available in a range of colours, a variety of wands, bristles and brushes, and can also come in a water-resistant remedy. I have tried and tested literally hundreds of different mascaras. A pick of the top 5 mascaras which do their job the best and truly provide you with long, luscious lashes:

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara, £22.00

Lashes look separated and full, very buildable never clumpy or spidery and doesn’t flake or run. It perfectly coats and separates, swipe on one coat and go for a very natural look or give your eyes a boast with several coats for lots of volume and length! Can be quite wet and take a while to dry and is on the pricey side of the money monitor.

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara, £1.99

Regardless of the amazingly cheap price, this mascara is up there with the very best. The brush glides over every eyelash to give you a dramatic length within seconds. It really shows that you shouldn’t be fooled by price, this is an absolute gem. Lashes appear longer, fuller, and curled, yet doesn’t ever leave you with clumps or spider legs. The bottle doesn’t last as long as some others but at £1.99 you can buy 10 brand new ones without feeling guilty and you’ll still save money. The winner for me by a mile. Try it, you’ll love it, trust me.

Christian Dior Iconic Mascara, £23.00

Dior really have nailed the mascara recipe. Both Iconic and Show mascaras give a real impact and are guaranteed to turn heads. This is the mascara made of dreams, a soft and creamy gel like formula, you’re lashes aren’t left crusty and hard. I think the secret is in the application brush, which is more like several staggered, fine toothed plastic combs, so the product is dispersed evenly and sparingly keeping each individual lash partitioned from each other. A tad expensive but worth it!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, £3.99

This pink and green little beaut has been a staple in our make-up bags since the 1970s and it’s clear to see why it sits firm in the top 5 best buy lists. Its creamy and wet formula makes it easy to apply and provides a very natural look that is also easily buildable for a more dramatic effect. The brush is excellent, the price is fabulous, and it lasts for ages, perfect. A make-up must-have.

Benefit They’re Real, £19.50

Benefit have upped their game. The BADgal mascara was good, but this is great. Its super-thick formula is perfect if you’re looking for a false lash look without any of the effort. This is the strongest weapon around to provide dramatic volume and a big impact. What makes this product really stand out is the unique spike at the tip to help separate your lashes and really make them look longer and fuller. Delivering that extra ‘oomph’ that makes putting on your make up every day a tiny bit easier, look no further. It’s easy to see why it’s flying off the shelves.

Other Mascara’s which just missed the top 5 mark:

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara, £10.00  – not known for their make-up range but this is a surprise treat and works well.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara £16.00 – very good but very wet, you only need a couple of strokes

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara £10.99 – great mascara but wouldn’t recommend the waterproof version

Top Mascara Tips:

★ Don’t forget your trusty eyelash curler, they are a staple for every make-up bag. However, don’t curl after you’ve applied your mascara, that crunch you hear – that will be your eyelashes, being trimmed off. (Seriously, I’ve made that mistake and had to live with a half-bald left eye for a few months)

★ Mascara shield (also named mascara guard or eye makeup helper). A great little invention for on-the-run girls. You are guaranteed no transfer on the eye lids so you no longer have to be safe whilst applying; your hand can now be as unsteady as you wish, and you don’t need to pull any funny faces concentrating on carefully trying to put your mascara on successfully

★ Apply Vaseline on your lashes before bed, it promotes growth.

★ Don’t pump the brush in and out the bottle, it’ll force air into the tube and dry the whole thing out. Mix the brush around in circles whilst in the bottle to get the formula onto the brush. Treat the brush delicately to avoid any damage.

★ Close the lid tightly after use

★ Clean the brush regularly

★ Don’t just assume black is best


Three easy steps:

1. Apply Mascara

2. Apply lash fibres, wait 30 seconds

3. Apply Mascara

Yes it takes more time than just putting on mascara but if you’re anything like me, I put on a variety of different mascaras on at once to enjoy the effects of each, slowly mounting up to about 5 minutes of eyelash prep. With these three easy steps, you rarely need to build up your mascara by re-applying additional coats, the candy-floss lash fibres does everything for you. It pays to devote a little extra time to your lashes. I would fully recommend lash fibres it really gives you that extra pizzazz than solely using mascara does with very little effort required at all. I can verify their claim of being ‘brush on false eyelashes’. It provides both thickness and length and offers a natural yet full effect with instant volume. The breakthrough formula means it’s the single thing you need for your full eyelash routine. It may be an expensive route if you do the process daily but it will save you heaps of cash (and time) from going to salons and having lash extensions done! Subtle enough for day time but offers you that alluring power for night-time glamour – without any of the hassle.

Top Fibre Tips:

★ Look downwards whilst applying lash fibres to ensure that no fibres fall into your eyes

★ Only a few strokes are necessary

★ Do not let dry between coats

★ My personal faves are Lash Fibres, and Cherry Blossom.


The twentieth century saw the beginning of convincing-looking false eyelashes, popular in the 1960s. You can now get a full range of false eyelashes in all different shapes, sizes and colours by a variety of brands, even Katy Perry herself has got her own false eyelash product out there (so you may not be able to get her skin in an instant, but you can borrow her eyelashes). It’s easier than ever to get glam eyes fit for the red carpet. You just pop these little bad boys on and voila, huge eyelashes in an instant. It can be tricky to align the false eyelashes with your natural lashline but once you’ve got it mastered, that’s it, done. No smudging, no flaking, no clumping, no drooping, just great eyelashes, all night long. This is pure femininity at your finger tips!

Top False Eyelashes Tips:

★ Cut your false eyelashes to suit the shape of your eye, it’ll look more natural

★ Use tweezers to apply the eyelashes, along with a magnified mirror

★ False eyelashes should be the last part of your make-up routine – after you’ve applied eye shadow etc.

★ Apply the glue but wait till it’s tacky before applying onto your lashline

★ Apply mascara onto the ends of your false eyelashes to secure it and blend the natural with the fake.

★ Take them off carefully before bed and place back in the packaging – you can re-use them!

★My personal favorite is the eylure brand.

Eyelash extensions:

Permanent eyelash tints and eyelash extensions have become popular procedures, even in fairly basic salons. Single strands of synthetic eyelashes are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one to give a natural yet striking result. The treatment takes around an hour for each eyelash to be glued and secured, and you are left with a major transformation for at least about 2 weeks. Definitely recommended especially for the dramatic look it gives you for big events or nights out, and for the ease of maintenance and morning laziness it secures you so you can truly relax and enjoy your summer holiday.

Top Eyelash Extensions Tips:

★Don’t rub your eyes

★ Only use water-based mascara as this won’t interfere with the glue, (do not use oil-based or waterproof mascaras as these can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions).

★ Similarly, only use a water based eye makeup remover

★ Avoid the root of your eyelashes if applying mascara

★ When wanting to remove your extensions, apply baby oil onto a cotton pad and gentle rub your eyes until they fall off (do not pull off the lashes!)


Mascara is an essential tool to have with you on a desert island. Your eyes are the first thing which people notice, so make them beautiful, mascaras are the easiest and quickest way to do this.

False eyelashes are perfect for a night out when you need that little bit extra to feel special, look fabulous, and get noticed.

Eyelash extensions are what you need for holidays, weddings, and trips away; when you need to impress without looking obvious and when you can look good just coming out of the pool or if you’re getting photographed at 6.30am on your big day in your jammies, pre-make-up.

The revolutionary fibre lashes are great for that in between, a little more than mascara, a little less that falsies, and without the constant presence and potential subsequent annoyance of eyelash extensions.

I’ll continue to try out new products and procedures and keep you updated on the good, the bad, and the ugly, in the glorious world of eyelashes.

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